Queen Sugar Season 2 Ep 2Ā 

Setting- about a week after the arrest of Micah.

Ralph Angel goes to visit Darla at work and seems slightly gentlemanly and pushy at the same time. Am I forgiving him for his fineness?!? Probably.

Nova has started a Community Bail Fund and is peddling at Barber Shops. I find it interesting she uses her sexuality with the brothers, but doesn’t appear to get down with them.

Charley has to go to divorce mediation and deal with Davis.
Blue is getting sooooo big and independent. I like how they include things Blue used to do with his grandfather. It shows Ralph Angel how much bonding happened when he was locked up.

Ralph Angel goes to the bank and sees that Charley has made an amendment to the withdrawals and it requires her signature too. He needs to just come clean. Seriously!

Ralph Angel and Remy have a heart to heart if you will. Ralph Angel wants to plant the soybean crop and Remy tells him maybe he should try and get his own loan. Ralph Angel is testy and easily frustrated even with Nova.

During the divorce mediation Davis drops the big shocker that he wants to speak to Charley alone. Ummm excuse me, loser- no thanks! She thinks he wants to revisit the division of assets, but nope, this clown wants joint custody. Who in the devil’s hell would give this goof troop freaking joint custody. Talking about he wants to raise Micah. This guy is for real the epitome of the worst.

When Charley calls Micah and he tells her he wants some space I could not deal. Talk about heartbreak. Lord! She wants to help, protect and secure him and now he won’t talk about the police indident, apparently wants to be with Davis (I think it is a lie) and is shutting her completely out.

WAIT. SUPER PAUSE. Nova slept with the barber. Ok then.

Aunt Vi finds out from the fast tail girl at the restaurant that there was an explosion on Hollywood’s rig. Fear and panic literally the two main emotions. Aunt Vi calls and his voicemail picks up and of course we get flung to a dang commercial. I swear you have to watch on DVR because no one has time for commercials.

If Micah don’t get his fool butt out if here slowing down the bus LOL

Blue is so well-mannered. He just colors and plays with his Barbie in his own little world. When Darla fusses at him, his Daddy explains to him that this is all new for them. I am rooting for them. Their little family dynamic is cute.

I am completely here for Charley’s outfit. The lace, the pearls, the gunmetal polish. But why is she calling her mama?!?!!

YESSSSS! Ralph Angel ordering a sundae for Blue’s doll. I am literally dancing around my living room. We know to outsiders and chauvinists it is a doll and Blue shouldn’t have it. But, that doll is Blue’s support, confidant and has played the role of his mom. Go Ralph Angel- I totally forgive you for all your funny acting ways earlier.

Poor Remy. Charley is such an insensitve little dweeb ball. Always about herself. He invited her in to his deceased wife’s grandmother’s house. I am so damn lost. This scene does give us the background about what happened to his wife. So then this freaking show has Remy’s story of death going on at the same time of the bus coming back in town and Vi losing her damn mind about Hollywood. Charley finds out how much her Dad helped Remy with his grief. His wife passed 4 years ago in Afghanistan. I think this is super important and I hope it makes her realize she needs to stop using him. The man is hurting and she is not helping. As his story wraps up and we are all expecting the worst-Hollywood gets off the bus and it is alllll the feels. Yayyayayyayyy. *throws confetti and attempts a cartwheel*

Micah goes to Nova’s rally and maybe he will find a male mentor in that crowd because his Daddy -shakes head and rolls eyes at the fool.

Ralph Angel doesn’t want to tip the waiter and also doesn’t have the money. Darla steps in and leaves a tip saying they need to set an example for Blue.

Remy apologizes for his part in rushing Charley and maybe, just maybe, they will work out. He has all of the knowledge she needs for farming and he is genuinely interested in her. He advises her to grieve her marriage. I remember my mom saying divorce was like death so maybe there is some truth to it.

Micah hugging his aunt and the flashing police lights- amazing artistry- amazing end to the show. Pray for Micah.

So damn happy Queen Sugar is back!

xoxo, Fabmommy

Queen Sugar Season 2 Ep 1

It is Micah’s Bday and Juneteenth for this week’s setting. 

Nova still swirling it up LOL like ALLLLL THE TIME! Geez girl. 

Charley is working on a bank loan that she can only get with Davis being her partner. This leads Remy to understanding he needs to ice her. It is evident because besides those little two minutes, we don’t see him for the rest of the episode. 

Ralph Angel informs Darla when they are out at the farm that he hasn’t told his sisters anything yet and he works out a deal to get equipment repaired while his sister Charley is frustrated he didn’t let them get new equipment. She won’t let him catch a break, but Aunt Vi and Nova seem to have his back. 

Poor Aunt Vi misses Hollywood so much, but can barely admit it. She is FB stalking him and calling him. Fingers crossed these two get it figured out. 

Micah being arrested. Heart racing!!! He posed no threat to that old wrinkled ass police officer. The mere fact he was pulled over in front of a cemetery shows the depth and use of imagery of the writers on this show. With the climate in today’s society with police and black men and with everything going on with all these damn acquittals, I applaud how the show displays injustice and the Marxist element in conjunction with race. It is clear that regardless of money- Micah was still driving while black. 

Davis- Captain Butthole. He is just annoying inside and out. I am happy Aunt Vi lit him up. Unfortunately, his status is what helps the sisters find Micah in jail then it continues to give him this whole cape concept. I am over him. 

Charley- digging the highlights. She is still harsh and mean. Not softened in the least and now that Remy isn’t fooling with her personally, only professionally, I am sure she will become even more bitter and crazed. Just wait til ol fine a** Ralph Angel drops the bomb about that letter. 

Speaking of which, I feel like Ralph Angel slightly rubbed me the wrong way when he knocked Darla about going to her meetings. He was then supportive, but I don’t think he understands what she has to do for herself in order to be what he wants for himself. 

Darla realizes that she needs to do what she needs to do and Ralph Angel selfishly asks, “Are you breaking up with me?” Men. I swear. 

Charley is bat crap crazy forging Davis’s signature in order to get the loan for the mill. Lets all pray she doesn’t get locked up for that stunt. 

Keep watching. Fabmommy

Memorial Day Mommy Shopping

Morning!!! Memorial Day Weekend means the start of summer, BBQ season, unfortunately crop tops šŸ˜¦ and most importantly Summer Sales. 

For the kiddos- Children’s Place, Janie and Jack, Osh Kosh and Carter’s are all e-mailing up the wazoooooo. I have seen 60% off, $12 shoes, $4 tees and more. 

Haircare- Carol’s Daughter is having an AWESOME sale. $10 haircare. It is free shipping when you get to $40. 

Candles- Bath and Body and Yankee Candle are having sales this wknd and I saw a 20% for B and B. Yankee Candle has medium jars for $8 bucks!

Grown lady wear- pretty much everywhere and major dept. stores. Nordstrom has 40% off of some items and Lord and Taylor is doing 65% off dresses (wedding season). JCrew and Gap both have % off this wknd. 

The home- Kohl’s and Macy’s both have $10 off of $25 coupons floating around. Always remember you can ship to store. 

This is the perfect wknd to pick up grilling supplies, get some new towels and freshen up your bathrooms, stock up on sale items (always be mindful of what can be frozen) and snag some Father’s Day gifts. 

Happy Shopping, 


Bopping Around NashvilleĀ 

Ha. Talk about a late post. We went to Nashville last summer- yes 2016- for my bday and here we are gearing up to go again and I never did the post from last year. No excuses. I just suck. 

Anyhoo, Nashville is AWESOME! My husband wants to move there. I am not THAT in love with it…yet. But, I did love it. So much so, we are going back in a few weeks. 

What’s to like / love about Nashville? It’s clean, it’s southern enough that you experience the hospitality, but not the blatant racism, everything is relatively close, the food is BOMB, shopping is decent, friendly people and where we went was pretty much middle to upper middle class. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am nobody’s fool, I am sure there are crappy parts, but I wasn’t there. 

Places to go- I am totally into slave plantations and The Hermitage did not disappoint. Great tour, really good info and very eye opening. 

Hattie B’s and Gigi’s Cupcakes. Everything in Nashville is about hot chicken. The line was insane, but so worth it. My husband got the hottest version and was eating with his nose running! Who does that?!? I totally had to go to Gigi’s because that is what my Godkids called my mom. 

The Aquarium Restaurant was so cute and fun. It is super family friendly and the food and drinks were great. We are going back this year. 

Biscuit Love was literally the best damn breakfast ever. I am not a huge breakfast person, but wow! Now, it is expensive as all crap, but so good! 

The downtown area. So many shops, restaurants and people. Totally touristy. Totally hilarious. If you are a people watcher- best place ever. 

The last pic is the best! Just a pic of my two favorite people hanging out. It was crazy hot in July though and slightly miserable. We will be better prepared this year. If you have any Nashville suggestions let me know. I am so excited to go back. 


Fabmommy on the Go šŸ™‚ 

Teacher Appreciation

Super cute Google image right? 

So, Teacher Appreciation Week for me is two-fold. One, because I am a teacher and two, because I want my son to celebrate his teachers. 

I have ZERO recollection of this in high school and don’t remember doing diddly for the many teachers who were super important in my life. This week my school gave us donuts and coffee, mini massages, a can of Mountain Dew, an ice cream sundae party and cafeteria inspired cinco de mayo snacks. Our students who were in business classes took pictures with their favs and posted to twitter (easily the cutest part of the week). I say all of this to say- I didn’t really feel APPRECIATED. 

People have no idea how hard we work. The endless questions (that usually have ZIPPO to do with your lesson), the requests: Band-aids, lotion, cell phone chargers, bathroom, nurse, food, $, and all kinds of other foolywang, the tears, their hormones, the breakups and drama, the paperwork and lets not forget the parents- oh the parents. Some are amazing and some simply aren’t. The level of creativity and acting when you are a good teacher is frankly exhausting. Imagine being in a classroom of 30 kids who have cell phones and Snapchat at the ready in their hands all while you are trying to explain the importance of subject verb agreement and why you should not use to be verbs. Come on! Education has changed drastically and it takes mounds of energy to keep those little buggers engaged. Not to mention coming home and being a wife and mom and totally making sure a threenager doesn’t scribble all on my students’ work. 

But, guess what- I wouldn’t change it. My days are funny, hilarious, hysterical and even though sometimes I feel like I work at the zoo and I am spinning my wheels, I appreciate myself- for all that I do, all that I give, all that I help, assist, chastise, destroy, build, bless, grow and cultivate. 

So seeing as how the official week according the Internet is next week- I must prepare to make sure the teachers at my son’s school know just how much he cares and we (my husband and I) care for all they do and give him on a daily basis. 

Hug a teacher. Shoot an e-mail to an old teacher, donate to classrooms, if you see a teacher sitting in Starbucks or Panera grading like a fool- buy them a coffee. Trust me, they would appreciate it. 



Why I LOVE this ManĀ 

Let me count the ways. 

He made me proud. 

He gave me hope. 

He is smart and funny. 

He helped me help young children believe. 

He went above and beyond my expectations. 

I love the way he loves. 

I love the way he parents. 

He is well-read and well-spoken. 

I respect him. And I truly am grateful he came into my life. 

Love you, Obama! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!


Word for the Year

Happy New Year!

In planner and blogger land it is pretty important to have a “word of the year”. It determines plans, becomes your mantra and sets your path. 

My word that I have chosen is … drumroll please…


I chose this word not in the negative sense, but in the sense of me examining and figuring out a better fit and application for my life. Does this apply to friends? No, I got rid of most of the jerks already. I want to re-evaluate my spendingšŸ˜’, time managementšŸ•°, time spent with family, activities with my husband and baby, my home routinesšŸ , self carešŸ’šŸ½, a lot of stuff. 

So, the task is at hand. Figure out your word. Post in the comments. We will hold you accountable. Promise. 

xoxo, Fabmommy 

My Fave- Pasta Salad

I am putting this here for two reasons. 

1. So people can make it themselves. LOLOL

2. To have it as a reference point and actually written down somewhere. 

I LOVE to cook. I have been in the kitchen since I was young with my Mom and I would just watch. My Mom never cooked with recipes and I don’t either, but since people ask- I try to keep track when I make stuff so I can spread the love. 

I have been making this for parties for legit at least 12-14 years. Super easy. Can be easily changed and added to and is DELISH. 

I make them for every party and I usually have requests at least 5x a year for various events. I am super particular about the ingredients. So don’t be a cheapo! 


1 box of Barilla tri color rotini

1 bottle of Wishbone Italian 

4 Roma tomatoes

1 cucumber

Seasonings: Kosher salt, pepper, Salad Supreme, crushed red pepper 

Boil pasta – be sure to add table salt to the water and a bit of vegetable oil. 

Dice veggies, add to bowl / pan and add dressing so it can marinate. Add seasonings to taste. 

Drain pasta and add. 

Can be prepped the night before. I used to add cheese, but my son has a dairy allergy. But I have added: broccoli, zucchini, lunch meat, olives, red onions, banana peppers, pretty much anything- up to you. 

Enjoy. Fabmommy 

Hash Brown CasseroleĀ 

Ingredients-1 bag of hash brown potatoes in refrigerator section. You can use southwestern for extra kick

1 bag of triple cheddar cheese

1/2 green pepper diced

1/4 onion diced

1 container sour cream

1 can cream of chicken 

Seasonings- Lawry’s, garlic powder, pepper

Mix all ingredients in a bowl- add to pan (sprayed) and put in oven on 350 covered with foil. Take foil off after an hour put oven on broil or turn up degrees for last 15 minutes. 
The recipe can easily be doubled. 

Happy Holidays. Fabmommy 

The Interview

The Oprah and Michelle Obama interview was EVERYTHING! I proudly watched two women I admire greatly just sitting around chatting as girlfriends do. It was authentic, poignant, thoughtful and sweet. I LOVED IT! I am so happy and so proud. I recorded it and can’t wait to watch it again. Black Girls Really Are MAGIC! Yesssss! 

If you didn’t watch the interview- please please please watch. It is awesome.