4 month appt.

Yesterday’s dr’s appt was pretty seamless.
Vaccines given with minimal crying and he sang himself to sleep in the car. He can be sooooo sweet (sometimes, well a lot of times, but still)
Discussion about his eczema. It has been suggested to get him a hazelwood necklace, but only put it on his ankle when he sleeps since he is so curious and wild.
She checked out the two teeth.
Also, life is all about purees now. He has been on rice cereal since Christmas day, but I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. (Another post). We will do one solid a week, starting on Sundays, check for allergies, then move on to the next food. I call food nummy nummies to him and I think he likes it all. Soooooooo. Drumroll. Please. Today he had sweet potatoes. They were a HUGE hit!
Fab appt, fab times. Come on 2014!

Formula Drama

About two weeks ago my little awesome ball of crazy baby was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. We were advised to switch his formula to soy formula with the understanding that 30% of babies who have the casein allergy could have this one as well.
Signs we saw:
-Even though he is 17 lbs he never increased his milk intake beyond 3 oz
-skin rashes developed and proceeded to get worse
-spitting up huge white chunks of formula (basically undigested)
-Itchy, itchy eyes

Once he was given the soy formula his skin cleared up within hours.
We thought we were in the clear. WRONG!!!
Once his body got used to the soy formula everything happened all over.
Next move-hypoallergenic formula.
Yep, $35 a can. Not covered by insurance (they don’t cover allergy related formula). I am not a HUGE fan of it because it is super thin resulting in endless hunger. The baby seems to be adjusting fine. Hard to tell since his devilish teeth are bothering him.

Maybe we will finally be fab in the formula lane!

Teething is the Devil

Ummm. So. Yeah.
No one warned me that it would create this restless little soul who is presently up at 3:07 am “talking”.
The devil I say.
Issue is this, my sweet little advanced cherub is an early teether. He cut his first tooth a few days ago. Yep, he isn’t 4 months yet. Now while I would usually jump for joy at this fantabulous milestone -the energy I need to jump is somewhere on the side of the road (probably next to my sanity).
My baby hasn’t been screaming and yelling. Nope. He has been a little fussbull, dissatisfied with life, sitting up for two hours in the middle of the night, restless drooling being of weirdom.
I am tired. I won’t even post about how my husband conveniently sleeps through most of it.
And to top it off, his other bottom tooth is coming in now. No, seriously. Gahhhhhhhhh!
Hoooooray for fab teeth and boo to how they get here.

12 week Growth Spurt= Devil

This growth spurt is literally Theeeeee Worst. I feel so bad for this baby. I can’t wait until he balances out again. Geeeez. I believe because he is so smart he is hyper aware during spurts. That sucks. I am praying it is over this week. I am scared out of my wits about teething!!!
My FIL passed so I will be taking a 3 month old to a funeral. Any tips??? I need them (all of them).
Having a hair still falling out, loss of a great man, cranky baby fab day.


Today has been rough. Aside from dealing with my FIL’s illness, the baby has lost ALL of his chill and marbles.
I will give you a quick glimpse.
I came home at 1 after going to Babies R Us and spending $159 and another $189 at Target.
I took the baby from my husband. He instantly kicked off his socks, smiled, laughed and sucked me in.
By 3:00 I decided we could head upstairs for a bottle. He played with it. At 3:50 he got interested and drank it. Cried and wailed. Then crashed at 4:04. I went to lay him in the Rock n Play and he SCREAMED. So, we co-slept and he woke at 6. He didn’t want to go back to sleep, but sucked down 3 oz. from 6-10:40 my life was nuts. He was clingy. Fighting his sleep. Crying. Wailing. Flailing. Cranky. He was awful. I cursed. Then I got mad that I did. I did eveything: gripe water, swing, Boppy, rocking, playing, singing, holding, paci, eating, bath time, cuddles—My head began to pound and I was at a loss. I let him cry from 10:17-10:24. It was awful. He had tears. He then drank an oz and passed out. (On me of course)
I hate growth spurts. I hate feeling like a bad mom. I hate not being able to help him.
Totally unfab day :(

After Baby Drama

Ok. I am no fool. I know having a baby is a lot and will take its toll on a woman’s body. What I didn’t know was your body can go KABLEWWWWYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!
Here are the after baby issues I am facing-
1. My face looks like I am a teen again. Kind of like it did when I was about 12 wks pregnant. Hmmm, and he is almost 12 wks old. Anyhoo-back on my Green Tea Oil stuff from The Body Shop.
2. My hair is shedding. Shedding. Shedding. Insane amounts. My stylist says it is fine. I don’t think so :( I am still taking my prenatal vitamin, trying to up my water and a Biotin supplement has been added.
3. Hormones!!! I have yet to have a cycle (that is bananas) but even more crazy is the amount I cry. Seriously. My hubs is freaked out. I cried the other day when Dwayne proposed to Whitley on A Different World and I have seen that episode 50/11 times.
4. And my nether regions–no comment.
My granny is trying to convince me to do a detox and I am kind of thinking about it. What do you think???
Because as of right now I have no clue as to how, when and where these issues will cease, get worse or stay the same.
Staying fab. One strand at a time. LOL


The baby had his vaccines last week. At first I wanted to do a delayed schedule, well my husband wanted to and I wasn’t completely against the idea.
After lots of discussion with our pediatrician-who I LOVE BTW- we decided to go with a traditional vaccine schedule, opting out of Hep A. (We opted out of Hep B at the hospital)
So, the shots happened. All 4 and an oral, and I wanted to fall out. The baby took them like a champ. He had an initial look of SERIOUSLY and did cry with the last one. After a few minutes of snugglecuddles he was ok enough to go in the carseat.
We got home and all was normal. He didn’t sleep any more or less. No fever. No fussiness. Then at 2 am he lost his mind. The sites of the shots were hot to touch. I used cool compresses, held him tight and prayed.
The following day he was slightly Mr. Crankypants. After more loving on mom, skin to skin time and more prayer on my behalf, he worked his way into being normal again.
Big sigh.
And to think, we do this again in two months. Were your kids lil maniacs? Or did they do ok?
Fab as usual.

6 Week Growth Spurt

Last night SUCKED! I actually had the first moment of sheer exhaustion. Sure, I am tired as a new mom, but last night was different.
My husband had the baby and I was in bed watching them play. All of a sudden the baby looked at me and basically cried and squirmed until my husband gave him to me. That is when things went downhill.
He ATE all night. Bottle after bottle. I felt like I was overfeeding him. He wouldn’t burp or poop, but gassy than a mug. He squirmed and would fidget in every position. I got up with him and went to the couch. As I was walking and holding a squirmbox, I remembered the 6 wk growth spurt that I read about.
Medically and from other moms’ experiences, it is said to -have a fussier and much more hungry baby for a few days. They also poop less because they are absorbing the food for growth. As it ends he will sleep a lot, which is when he will grow. (I can’t wait)
In the meantime I am all about a nap with him right now.
Did any of you experience this? Let me know. This fab mom would like some advice.

10 minute naps

My little Pumpalump is 6 weeks old today. I can’t believe it! Time is flying by so quickly and I swear every single day this child is on his way to college.
My post-10 minute naps- real talk, I never knew I could sleep in such a phenomenal restful state within 10 dang minutes.
Someone loves me a whole lot and doesn’t care for being put down. This results in Mama having to rest quick! I close my eyes and drift off for 10 minutes because guess what something will happen: he will cry, grunt, poot, pee, poop, wiggle, squirm, stretch, anything and it will have me on edge, ready at all times. And you know what-that is fine by me.
I waited a long time to have a baby and based on my readings he can’t be spoiled right now ;)
I love his snuggles, I have adjusted to my 10 minute naps and it is all because of my devotion to him. He is awesome. So awesome that sleep seems stupid.
Super fab and barely rested. xoxo


Having a baby has literally changed my life. I knew love before and it is nothing compared to the love I have for him.
It seems cliche, but I can say he has brought me and my husband closer together (even though we may not see eye to eye with everything). This little boy has given my life a different meaning and has made me miss my mom exponentially.
He is pretty awesome.
So, even when he has me sleep deprived and crazy I understand the meaning and reasoning for it all.
I am his mom and his very best friend (for now) and all I have and will have is for him.
Life is sooo fab right now.