Well, well, well. Guess what! She’ssssssss backkkkkkkkkk! 

And I am here for IT ALL! -and when tix go on sale I am ready because I already know the video choreography ;) 

At first glance: bomb ass video. Yayyyyy Beyonce. 

At second glance: further analysis if you will- #blacklivesmatter, Hurricane Katrina, Sandra Bland and hey to baby Blue Ivy’s super awesome fro so shut up haters! And played the whole Illuminati concept. 

Fan. Yes. Super fan. And let it be known: slaying, not forgetting where you come from and embracing all of your blackness is ALWAYS ok in my book! 

That sinking police car-imagery and a metaphor like a mofo! 

Yeah, Bey! (In my Jay-Z voice) 

Yall just wait for half time tomorrow! 

xoxo, Fabmommy

Need to Cook- Quick and Easy Mostaccioli

This is always a hit. Super yummy. Do not be afraid to over season. The zestier – the better! 

Green pepper




Add 1 lb ground Italian sausage

Brown meat

Add 2 cans tom sauce, 1 can diced tom, 1 can tom paste I use Hunt’s 

Add your seasonings(Italian, garlic powder, oregano, Lawry’s, crushed red pepper but heavy on oregano)

Add sugar or agave to sweeten 

1 full box Barilla penne pasta (boil, drain and add) 

Then simmer 🤗🤗🤗

You can always throw in more veggies. Add corn and side salad and presto- Dinner is done. Big hit. Good luck. 



The Real Housewives of Potomac

Here for it!!! 

I admittedly am a fan of reality TV, but it totally depends on the show. Not a fan of Survivor, The Bachelor, Big Brother, American Idol and things of that nature. The Love and Hip Hop franchise has lost my interest because I am convinced they are a triangle of STDs.  I keep up with RHOA to stay in the loop, BUT low and behold, RHOP fell in my lap and I LOVE IT!

I am down for any show with a bunch of uppity black women discussing the rules of etiquette and appropriate behavior – all while lacking etiquette and being completely inappropriate. I love social circles and philanthropy, sequins and bourgeois behavior. The show is a hilarious oxymoron of life, sprinkled with all these “rules” from ‘Aunt Dot’ the matriarch of Karen’s married family (and Karen is the self-appointed queen bee who is technically mean as a rattle snake and her one liners are zingers I tell you). 

Robyn is gorgeous, but her voice offsets her looks because it is deep as hell. She is cool, dresses cute and has a ridiculous marital situation. 

Charrisse— mmmmm questionable hair- needs a Chi flat iron and has a nutso scenario with her husband. She is deemed as the paragon of what is wrong and right and it slayed my soul in both episodes. 

Katie is a sweet pea- maybe a bit naive. Not all the way sure yet. She is a black Jewish girl and the other girls swear up and down black people can’t be Jewish (they are slow), she has 3 babies-like babies yall! A white boy boyfriend who loves her kiddos – she swears he is going to marry her and a banging body considering- she has 3 babies! 

Ashley- Lord, Ashley. She is 26 married to an old white man and in lovewith his accent. He looks like zippo though. He isn’t the guy from The Thomas Crowne Affair. She is veryyyyyy unrefined so you know this circle is throwing her into the lion’s den. 

And I saved my fav for last- Gizelle! Come through Gizelle. She is a hybrid of Evelyn and I was the BIGGEST Evelyn from Bball Wives fan – I even channeled her in a situation and scenario at a dinner before, but I digress- she is Evelyn and Vanessa Williams all twirled into one. Very pretty. Takes no prisoners. She did have one weave / wig that had me concerned. She has 3 daughters and an ex who cheated. She goes pedicured toe to pedicured toe with Karen. She has a little edge to her, which is awesomesauce. 

Lets get some convo going- you watching or what??? 

Bravo tonight after RHOA

You can even come back here and comment. 


Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas

Super yummy. Super quick. Super easy. 

2 lbs of chicken breasts

Fajita mix packet

Seasonings- pepper, paprika, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, seasoning salt

Lime juice

1 can of diced tomatoes

Yellow, green, red peppers

1 Onion medium size

*chop veggies 

Put half the can of tomatoes in, add half the veggies, chicken, then seasonings, squirt lime juice, add remaining can of tomatoes and veggies. 

6 hours in crock pot. 

Come home. BOOM! Done. Shred chicken. Add to tortillas. Use toppings of your choice. My husband and my baby loved them and they are picky as all hell. 

I use the chicken to top my salads :) 

Be sure to use a crock pot liner. And I am definitely going to start doing this as a prep ahead freezer meal. I did all of my prep the night before with this one and added everything to the crockpot the next morning. 


xoxo, Fabmommy


Why I Don’t Mind Being Late :/

I have never been a super early person, but I am a timely person. If somethings starts at 12 – I arrive within 20-30 minutes. 

Work starts at 7:45 and I arrive at 7:43 on a good day. LOL 

Since becoming a mom I realize how precious and valuable my time really is- face it, being a mom is the damn hardest job ever and if that means I get 6 minutes in the car to myself to sing Beyonce loud as hell or laugh at Ricky Smiley- I will take it. 

I am very, very, very mindful of my time. Always have been. I pride myself on my time management and I realize in my season of mommy / wife / mid 30er that time is literally of the essence. 

Here are my reasons I don’t mind being late:

1. Being late means you don’t have to help. Yay for that. I really like being a guest lately. Because guess what – I am damn tired. 

2. I don’t have to be bothered. Score. By the time I roll in – the day is under way. I avoid (some) random questions, factoids and stories I frankly don’t give a bird’s beak about. 

3. I get to hear the end of segments on the radio. Being early makes me miss out! 

4. I save $. How? Because I have NO TIME to stop for donuts, Starbucks, BK breakfast— ZIPPO! 

5. I allow myself to soak in what really matters. The extra hug I give my son, the funny joke my husband and I may share, my heart and mind being settled by finishing a devotional sermon; all of these little things make me even more awesome and if it means being late (on time) then so be it. 

There you have it. Being late isn’t bad. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Don’t rush and get anxiety over something that in the grand scheme of things is really just a few minutes out of your lifetime. 



Life. Resolutions. Changes. 

Hey peeps! How is your new year going so far? Resolutions??? Sticking to them? 

For me, I wanted to focus on a few lifestyle changes and do it in two month increments. I am a super duper planner and planning something for me to do the entire year, while feasible, is lofty and may not work with my schedule, brain power and child. 

January’s goals: pull credit reports for me and hubby ✔️ eat salads 4-5 times a week so I don’t feel guilty about my love of fries with mild sauce✔️ don’t pack pop or juice with my lunch which forces me to drink water because everyone knows I am not going alllll the way to the lounge to get a Pepsi✔️check in on my friends and family with genuine interest and taking time to nurture relationships that matter✔️ and I am working on a better grocery budget because we basically spend WAY too much on food for the three of us. 

See – not over the top crazy. I have handled it. And I am cool. 

Next month I plan on implementing a small workout routine. I mean I am 36 and this girlish figure is getting a smidge more womanly LOL. I also will work on some of my Mom’s paperwork that I have been putting off for 4 1/2 years and need to really get a handle of that corner of my closet. My space can’t be peaceful because I don’t have peace in that area. I am also working on a few house projects :) 

Just checking in on you all. Hope your resolutions and / or changes are in motion. 

Happy MLK Day. 



Golden Globe Awards

I am sure many of you are like me and get a kick out of awards season. Well, it starts tonight. 

I love awards season. I ALWAYS watch the Red Carpet and swoon over the looks. I usually have a drink -or two- and snacks as I am watching. My mom and I used to watch together and my grandmother would call and say, “Did you just see such and such!” 

It has always been a good time in my book. 

Instagram is pretty cool during awards shows and twitter as you can get live feedback and hilarious opinions from other people watching. 

Interesting thing about the Golden Globes tonight- I have not seen a whole lot of what has been nominated, but that is fine by me. I love the “Globes” because it isn’t a super stuffy show, way more laid back and chill and everyone seems to be having a genuine good time. I am sure the magnums of champagne help ;)

Enjoy tonight!



New Year’s Eve Wishes

I hope that your evening is filled with love and cheer and Cheers;) 

As you go into 2016 don’t focus so much on what you want to change. Focus on what aspects of you that you want to make better. I am a great wife- but want to be a better one. I am an awesome mom – but want to work a lot more on not wanting to sell my 2 yr. old on Ebay allllll the tahmmmmm. I am a pretty cool friend- but want to hold people more accountable and not feel guilty. I am a Christian – but want to devote even more of myself to Christ. I am not changing anything just working with what I got!!!

Oh and somewhere somehow in a land far away I may eat better and save more $ (strong maybe). Runs away. 

Happy New Year. 

xoxo— Fabmommy

Planning Made Easy

Enjoy $10 off with that link. 

New Year, New You! Boo ;)

So plan it out. 

I know many people search for countless ways to get organized. 

I have used planners probably since junior high. I started using an Erin Condren vertical life planner in 2014 and I love it. I have multiple covers and am finalllllly finding what the planning girls refer to as ‘planner peace’. 

So Erin Condren rocks in some aspects and in some others seems to be a teeny bit shaky. Yes, I have had some issues within the last year and a half, but I will say this- their customer service figures it out. Even if it takes multiple tries. ;) 

EC is super awesome because you can change your covers whenever you want. So holidays-check. Birthday month-check. Seasons-check. Anniversary month-check. That part is super awesome. And then there is the loyalty program. Order 5x-boom here is $25 off. Who does that??? But wait, there is more.  Order 10x $50 off and 20x a freaking $100 off!!! Talk about a wow and win win! 

The only thing is shipping is a bit pricey so I tend to not order one thing when I do order. I have gotten to 10 orders and am eyeing the address book as my next purchase. 

Yay you! Happy planning! 



Need to Cook? Lasagna…mmmmmm!

Hey guys,

I know. SURPRISE! 

I am giving you a special treat- maybe you can make it for NYE. I am an awesome cook (pats back) I get it from my Momma (Jay-Z voice) BUT, the problem is I typically (code for never) use recipes. 

My hair stylist has asked a few times for my lasagna recipe and I made a point to write down what I did the last time I made it. So, here you go. 


1 lb ground turkey

1 med onion

1 med green pepper

1 garlic (you will use to your liking) 

1 container Ricotta cheese

1 box Barilla lasagna noodles 

2 bags of Cheese I prefer Kraft mozz and Italian cheese blend 


Roma tomatoes



(All veggies are up to you)

Seasonings-italian, oregano, garlic powder, lawrys, pepper and sugar or honey (1 tablespoon of that for sweetness)

3 15 oz cans tom sauce I prefer Hunt’s

1 can tom paste same as above

What to do-

Saute garlic, onion & green pepper

Boil noodles

Add ground turkey to veggies and brown

Clean and Dice veggies and spinach

Add tom sauce and paste w seasonings to browned ground turkey

Be careful w noodles sticking together I usually do 12

Spray glass casserole dish

*mix a bit of your sauce w the ricotta cheese in a bowl to make it less clumpy

Layer noodles, meat sauce, ricotta mixture, veggies, cheese and repeat. 

Put in oven on 350 1 hr cover loosely w foil

Take foil off last 15 minutes

* I usually put the casserole dish on a cookie sheet for leaking

Yay you!!!