No sippy cup- the rest of the week update. 

Things got really bad, but eventually better. Night 4 was the worst night of all. I think he wanted an Oscar or a BET Award or something. The last two nights have been better, not awesome, better. He went from being a kid who woke allllll the damn time to having a sleeping stint last night from 3:23 am until 8:15 am. In this house that is a Christmas miracle Tiny Tim! 

I am a lot more tired and exhausted because he is crying, fretting, flipping around and whatnot. I believe in progress and we have made some. It is far from perfect, but around these parts my life focuses on Grace, not perfection. 

I have modified the plan a bit and allow one cup at 3 am. I figure hell, that isn’t terrible in comparison to what was going on and frankly if he can go from 8 pm til 3 am with no cup then I am proud of him for that. I will drop that cup eventually. It has a splash of milk anyway so maybe he will give up on it. 

So cheers. Cheers to figuring things out. Cheers to babies growing up. Cheers to mommies working hard. Cheers to daddies realizing it. And most of all- cheers to the holiday wknd. 



Reasons. Seasons. Lifetime. 

Change is hard. Change is good. At the end of the day- change is DIFFERENT! 

Everyone has heard the saying that is the title of this post and it is applicable to life in many ways. Clears throat-men, friends, jobs, stylists, co-workers and in the case of my household: daycare. 

My son is 2.9 1/2 and in annoying Mom terms he will be 3 at the end of August LOL. For the last 2.3 years of his short life he has been in one school. A school that saved us from a season of at home day care, a school that has nurtured developed and been a part of his many firsts. A school that has opened its doors and the teachers their hearts for my sweet boy. And now his time is done there. 

I have watched and learned and figured out his method of learning and engagment. I have discovered his method of “trouble” and decisions that lead to him not listening. My husband has been frustrated. I have been frustrated. And the best decision is for him to go somewhere else. I will forever love his school and his teachers have been awesome, but as his mom I know he needs something more. Learn by play isn’t cutting it for my little smarty pants. 

I am filled with apprehension and anxiety, but I am always like that. I am concerned about him making friends, liking the staff, learning and being ok. No one ever tells you about the worry and gray hairs from the first two years of being a mom. Big ol sigh. 

I have faith. I have support and I know that he will LOVE his new school. Plus, I can watch them online whenever I want, which I think is a plus and minus for me. Well them. I mean me. :) 

I hope that my reason for choosing this new season for his life will build memories that will last a lifetime. That is all I can ask for, pray for and seek. 

xoxo- Fabmommy

No sippy cups. Nights 2 &3. 

Well, the fact that he “gets it” is the problem now. Big sigh. 

Night two- while it still wasn’t terrible or anything like stories that I have heard, it was still a pain in my behind. He went down with no problems, but that has always been the case. When he didn’t get a cup for his first wake up around 11:30, he was PISSED. He let me know it too. A lot more shrieking, screeching howler monkey behavior and overall having me question why I was making all of us suffer. BUT, it only lasted maybe 3-4 minutes, which is the good part. There was some random talking in his sleep around 3 am, but he didn’t rouse himself and slept until the morning. 

Night three- Lord, last night, I wanted to run away from home. Problem is-his logic has kicked in. So with me saying, “no more milk” he decided to ask for everything under the sun: juice, Gatorade, juice box and even hot coffee (he helps my husband with his every morning). He went down late though at 9:15. I simply lost track of time. He woke up at 11:52 and cried and begged for random beverages until 11:58. Fell asleep. Woke back up at 12:30 acting like a complete fool and having a meltdown about his ceiling fan being on and Woody from Toy Story not having on a blanket. He finally went back down at 1:15. It was madness. He wasn’t crying. He was just up. Plotting. Against. Me. The next encounter wasn’t until 4:08 and it lasted all of four minutes, but it was loud as all hell. 

Overall, I am super amazed by the progress. I am tired though. He used to get a cup and go right back to sleep. Now all the night time shenanigans are foolish. I know he will get better and better as it goes on. I didn’t bend. He did not get a cup!!! I guess I am proud of the both of us. :) 



No sippy cups. Night one. 

So, truth is: My son has NEVER slept through the night his entire life. Nope, never. And a huge part and component of that comes from his baby dictator demands of having milk at night. 

I know. I know. I am pretty smart, have read the research, spoken with his pediatrician & dentist, had countless arguments with my husband, hell, I even paid a baby sleep site to develop a sleep plan for him. All which have been epic failures. I had to do what I had to do for me and my household to function. He has slept with me since day one and I just never felt the timing was right. And timing is everything with anything when it comes to children. If you have kids you know what I am talking about; if you don’t, you will see. 

In December, I created a bottle fairy and slowly but surely got rid of bottles. He was 28 months old and I swore this child would be going to kindergarten with bottles. We celebrated that small, yet meaningful victory, but bottles were simply replaced with cups. At the beginning of this month I took him out of my bed and we began sleeping in his room (which he never does and has a full sized bed). That has been successful with him not wanting to even nap in my bed on the weekend. So another high five for me from me:)

Last night I told him as I have been saying lately, “no more cups tonight” but something in me meant it last night. A. He is about to be 3 in exactly 2 months. B. We have travel plans soon. C. He is starting a new school in a few wks and needs to be happy and jolly. D. My husband was going to be off 3 days and I wasn’t sending the kid to school Monday. Everything aligned. I knew he would be exhausted no matter how good or bad it went so he needs to not be in school while this is starting in my opinion. 

It wasn’t bad. I would say maybe a 4/10. Yippppppeee. Throws alllll the confetti. He went down at 8:45. Woke up at 11:40. I said no cups. He cried. Expected. He yelled for his dad. Expected. His dad came in the room. Not expected. We switched for an hour, but once I heard random conversations I went back in. Of course his dad engaged him because he usually doesn’t deal with him at night. So I gave him the peace sign and prepared myself for the worst. He stayed up until 2:15. He would cry here and there, maybe a minute, but he has never been big on crying like that so he spent most of the time pouting and scratching his nails on the wall. Annoying. He woke up at 3:23- I gave him a cup because at that point it had been 7 hours since he had one and I wanted him to get some type of rest and as of right now at 7:44 -he is still asleep. 

Sure there were tears (few), a LOT more squirming than I thought and some frustration on my part, but we did it. And this is a kid who was getting 4 cups a night. (don’t judge me your kid probably will have a pacifier til 5!) 

I know my post is long, probably because of a mix of adrenaline and delirium. Cheers to tonight. Pray for me. And also hope that any ambulance or jerkface who blows their car horn at 3 am is not on the scene. 

A Sleepy Fabmommy


Hey Friends, 

Long time no read, right! 

Well, life has been busy (aren’t we all). Potty training, looking for a new daycare, bday plans, travel plans, home renovations, finishing up work, MIL visits and all that regular old life stuff has been happening. I am tired just typing it. 

In the midst of it all is a whole bunch of CLUTTER. I pride myself on being organized-totally- and 99% of the time I am. Right now I am still extremely organized, but the clutter has my mind and house bursting at the seams. I need to get rid of baby stuff, I need to reorganize, I need to go through my Mom’s paperwork–still. Sad face, I know. 

I am a tiny bit of a nostalgic hoarder -total disclosure- and have a tendency to hold on to so many things that have some type of meaning. I keep receipts from important dates, newsletters that feature the baby, ticket stubs, everything. As a scrapbooker I need those things. As a busy mom thos “things” are driving me nuts. I also have tons of projects in my head and buy the items I need for the projects and haven’t had time to get to them yet. 

I have been reading a lot about the Konmari Method and even though I know I won’t do it full throttle, I may implement tiny bits of it in my home and here is a tip explaining how you can too. With Konmari, you can not go through someone else’s things so sorry you have to keep your husband’s crap. BUT, you can go through household things. The premise is to gather everything of likeness and put it in one spot so you can see how much of it you have and dispose properly (trash, donations, friends, etc.) 

For instance, pens- go through your home, gather all of your pens, put them on the dining room table and PURGE!!! I am sure you have 82625483 pens. Just watch and see. 

Happy Cleaning. 

As I work my way through this, I will keep up with blog posts to show results. 



Burn the Highlight Reel 

The Life of a Fab Mommy was created to show all of these super cool deals, aspects of motherhood and relationships, DIY, recipes and just the fun of my life. 

This week my life is CRAZY. 



I haven’t opened my beloved planner since Tuesday. It is now Sunday morning. I have had one of those weeks at work with a lot of meetings and a lot of randomness just wrestling with my time. I won’t even go back and write anything in- oh except for the baby getting a new teacher and her drama. 

I had my coupons and lists ready for Target and Walgreens, but never made it so since it is Sunday those sales are over :/ 

BUT, Target has a $25 giftcard when you spend $100 on baby crap and I definitely won’t miss that!!!

I left work early Friday because of my fried chicken stomach ache (will explain in a future post), came home, slept, got the baby, let him eat Wendy’s and just lounged around pretending to play with him. My husband came in and had zippo sympathy, not even knowing I was scared out of my wits this time and even called my Dad to come babysit-he was on a plane though. Womp. Womp. 

Get to Saturday morning where my overly advantageous bestie and I signed up for training like eons ago at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. On a positive note: we learned a LOT, had yummy lunch, weather was nice, bought our babies stuff, got Garretts and figured out a plan to bring them back this summer. On a less positive note: I felt like shit and it was early as hell. Oh and my husband cut all of my baby’s beautiful curls off of his head. Insert sad face and pissed face  emoji. 

Ummm yeah and my MIL will be in town Tuesday until further notice because her BFF passed away and my house looks like the foolywang of my life and I am in the bed blogging and perusing sales papers online – only because when I purposely stopped at the gas station to get my Sunday paper yesterday, they hadn’t been delivered yet. I know I need to get up and clean, but how and why Sway?!?! 

Long as hell. I know. I need a maid. A pedicure. A drink. A nanny. A massage. And an organizer.

In the midst of all the madness I did manage to get my taxes done and wash, but not fold three loads of clothes. Kind of yay me. Nope. Not really. 

blahhhhhh- Fabmommy


Well, well, well. Guess what! She’ssssssss backkkkkkkkkk! 

And I am here for IT ALL! -and when tix go on sale I am ready because I already know the video choreography ;) 

At first glance: bomb ass video. Yayyyyy Beyonce. 

At second glance: further analysis if you will- #blacklivesmatter, Hurricane Katrina, Sandra Bland and hey to baby Blue Ivy’s super awesome fro so shut up haters! And played the whole Illuminati concept. 

Fan. Yes. Super fan. And let it be known: slaying, not forgetting where you come from and embracing all of your blackness is ALWAYS ok in my book! 

That sinking police car-imagery and a metaphor like a mofo! 

Yeah, Bey! (In my Jay-Z voice) 

Yall just wait for half time tomorrow! 

xoxo, Fabmommy

Need to Cook- Quick and Easy Mostaccioli

This is always a hit. Super yummy. Do not be afraid to over season. The zestier – the better! 

Green pepper




Add 1 lb ground Italian sausage

Brown meat

Add 2 cans tom sauce, 1 can diced tom, 1 can tom paste I use Hunt’s 

Add your seasonings(Italian, garlic powder, oregano, Lawry’s, crushed red pepper but heavy on oregano)

Add sugar or agave to sweeten 

1 full box Barilla penne pasta (boil, drain and add) 

Then simmer 🤗🤗🤗

You can always throw in more veggies. Add corn and side salad and presto- Dinner is done. Big hit. Good luck. 



The Real Housewives of Potomac

Here for it!!! 

I admittedly am a fan of reality TV, but it totally depends on the show. Not a fan of Survivor, The Bachelor, Big Brother, American Idol and things of that nature. The Love and Hip Hop franchise has lost my interest because I am convinced they are a triangle of STDs.  I keep up with RHOA to stay in the loop, BUT low and behold, RHOP fell in my lap and I LOVE IT!

I am down for any show with a bunch of uppity black women discussing the rules of etiquette and appropriate behavior – all while lacking etiquette and being completely inappropriate. I love social circles and philanthropy, sequins and bourgeois behavior. The show is a hilarious oxymoron of life, sprinkled with all these “rules” from ‘Aunt Dot’ the matriarch of Karen’s married family (and Karen is the self-appointed queen bee who is technically mean as a rattle snake and her one liners are zingers I tell you). 

Robyn is gorgeous, but her voice offsets her looks because it is deep as hell. She is cool, dresses cute and has a ridiculous marital situation. 

Charrisse— mmmmm questionable hair- needs a Chi flat iron and has a nutso scenario with her husband. She is deemed as the paragon of what is wrong and right and it slayed my soul in both episodes. 

Katie is a sweet pea- maybe a bit naive. Not all the way sure yet. She is a black Jewish girl and the other girls swear up and down black people can’t be Jewish (they are slow), she has 3 babies-like babies yall! A white boy boyfriend who loves her kiddos – she swears he is going to marry her and a banging body considering- she has 3 babies! 

Ashley- Lord, Ashley. She is 26 married to an old white man and in lovewith his accent. He looks like zippo though. He isn’t the guy from The Thomas Crowne Affair. She is veryyyyyy unrefined so you know this circle is throwing her into the lion’s den. 

And I saved my fav for last- Gizelle! Come through Gizelle. She is a hybrid of Evelyn and I was the BIGGEST Evelyn from Bball Wives fan – I even channeled her in a situation and scenario at a dinner before, but I digress- she is Evelyn and Vanessa Williams all twirled into one. Very pretty. Takes no prisoners. She did have one weave / wig that had me concerned. She has 3 daughters and an ex who cheated. She goes pedicured toe to pedicured toe with Karen. She has a little edge to her, which is awesomesauce. 

Lets get some convo going- you watching or what??? 

Bravo tonight after RHOA

You can even come back here and comment. 


Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas

Super yummy. Super quick. Super easy. 

2 lbs of chicken breasts

Fajita mix packet

Seasonings- pepper, paprika, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, seasoning salt

Lime juice

1 can of diced tomatoes

Yellow, green, red peppers

1 Onion medium size

*chop veggies 

Put half the can of tomatoes in, add half the veggies, chicken, then seasonings, squirt lime juice, add remaining can of tomatoes and veggies. 

6 hours in crock pot. 

Come home. BOOM! Done. Shred chicken. Add to tortillas. Use toppings of your choice. My husband and my baby loved them and they are picky as all hell. 

I use the chicken to top my salads :) 

Be sure to use a crock pot liner. And I am definitely going to start doing this as a prep ahead freezer meal. I did all of my prep the night before with this one and added everything to the crockpot the next morning. 


xoxo, Fabmommy