Change is Good

Back a few months ago I was all worked up about changing the baby’s daycare. Well, I am here to tell you…BEST DECISION EVER!!!

His behavior is back to normal. No more cursing. No more fighting. He is happy. 

It is a super LOVING environment. I can watch him online. They send pics and videos allllll day. The staff is friendly and happy. I love it. He loves it. My husband loves it. 

He is now enrolled in soccer and gymnastics while at school- for additional fees of course, but it saves me from running around like a chicken with my head cut off- wait, I do that anyway. LOL

Follow your first mind, follow your heart, God answers prayers. We were on this waiting list when I was pregnant and now it has worked out for my little family. 

Stay faithful. 




Must Watch TV

Please watch This is Us. Awesome show. Great acting. Feel good storylines. Reminds me of watching Thirtysomething with my mom a million years ago. I may recap. Not sure yet. 

blackish of course is still an all time fav of mine. They are funny, aware, witty and just good family fun. 

My cooking shows are: The Chew, Pioneer Woman, Dinner at Tiffani’s, Tia Mowry at Home and Trisha’s Southern Cooking. I love to cook so cooking shows may not be your thing. 

I DVR because my life is nuts. You may have more you watch, but this little list plus HGTV, all things Kardashian and Queen Sugar pretty much sums up my TV life. Oh and Paw Patrol. Insert eye roll. 



Queen Sugar Episode 4

Ok, so I am totally going to backtrack and recap the first 3 episodes, but this idea popped in my head today to do show recaps so YAY! 

It opens with Ralph Angel- in all his fine glory- at the bank signing off on the 100k Charley has deposited so he can get the farm going. 
He runs into Remy- AKA Vanessa’s boyfriend Robert from The Cosby Show– who questions him about the cane seed. Since Ralph Angel- in all his fine glory- is easily pissed, he gets miffed and says he has everything under control- come to find out he doesn’t and he didn’t do what he needed to and buys bogus cane that is diseased with a fungus. WTH! They have 800 acres, which is A LOT of land, but only plan to farm 300. Now they are out of 15k and technically it is all his fault. Just for reference 10 acres is about 7 and 1/2 football fields. So you can do the math. This is a TON of land. 

Meanwhile, Charley is dealing w her cheater Peter husband and all his drama. She gets tested for STDs in a super cute hot pink tissue gown- my dr’s office has nothing like that, but anyhoo. She is confident and scared and nervous and judged all in that scene. And the best line from this week’s episode was, “You got me out here looking crazy because of some ho named Goldy!” Come to find out Goldy’s not a simple minded prostitute. Davis, Charley and their new creepy old lady shady attorney think she will take a plea deal and we find out Goldy said, nah, nope, I’m straight on 500k so who knows what this call girl really wants. Or is she pregnant or something? Charley stays in the loop of what is happening in LA (Louisiana) while in LA (Los Angeles) by talking to Remy. It is clear they like each other and I am sure he wants to take her on a date. 

Micah and his girlfriend Stella are caught up in teenage foolishness. And Becky with the good hair apparently cheats on him and it is clearly with another black boy who sends a lewd pic to her phone. Her old witchy poo mama finds out and tells with the assumption that the black nakedness belongs to Micah, but it doesn’t. Charley rushes to the principal’s office for a meeting with Becky with the good hair, her mama and Micah. Only to find out zero tolerance and Micah is expelled. Micah runs out crying and upset that his beloved girlfriend has cheated on him after he tells her he loves her. Charley can’t “manage” that part of his life and has to be a mom, get in their chauffered SUV and head home to their palatial estate. Which is a juxtaposition of the Bordelon quarters down south. 

Nova is working on a story that completely ties in with #blacklivesmatter. The writing of this part of the show is great. Nova chases stories about underprivileged and villified black young men, which is interesteing seeing as how she sleeps with a white man and according to Ralph Angel-in all his fine glory- she only came to see him twice while he was locked up. Are her storylines and headlines for attention, running away from her own life, self-hatred, displacement, guilt, what?!?! Her story is amazing and powerful and the family members give her props. 

Blue learned 10 colors at school and is still chubby and cute. 

Aunt Vi and Hollywood are cute, but I am starting to think he is suspect. He has to go out for a job for two weeks and she doesn’t want him to leave her. They connect and tie it to her grief of her brother and in the end she makes him a pie and wishes him well. After all old ppl it is only 2 weeks. Unless Aunt Vi’s spidey senses are going off. 

Nova apologizes to Ralph Angel- in all his fine glory- and the family prepares for dinner while listening to Frankie Beverly’s “Before I Let Go”. I was wondering why no one checked on Blue in the bathroom though. 

So do you think they can pull off this farm? 
Will Charley head back South? 

And seriously, what does Goldy want?