Ax or Ask???

Due to me being off of work I am able to watch the Trayvon Martin trial at my leisure. I watched, along with many others, with bated breath-hoping, waiting and wishing that the star witness from the prosecution was a smidge more polished. But then again, does it really matter??? Did her abrasive nature, ebonics, demeanor and lackluster media savviness cause more harm than good???
I am not quite sure yet. As I watched the cross examination by the defense attorney it seemed that Rachel Jenteal was not in full understanding of many questions, did not speak in a loud tone, did not enunciate her words, which caused her to repeat a lot and get way more defensive.
In a way-her “raw” quality may convince the jurors that she would not be able to make up a lot of this information. Then again, what will an all white jury (with one Latina) know and / or understand about a girl who is still in shock, an unwilling witness and clearly not versed in the King’s English who takes the witness stand and mumbles through her testimony?
We have to wait and see. In the meantime, this is a thought provoking time and my thought is this-make sure children are taught to speak clearly, enunciate and intonate. It is not “talking white” it is making sure your voice is heard, especially when that voice matters most.
Stay fab.


Alert, Alert!!!

So where are my feet?? I haven’t seen them in eons. Lol. I have on really cute pink Coach flippies, but oh well.
My flowers were planted last weekend and I lovvvvve all things purple and pink and I am super serious about my flowers. You will see more pics as they grow.
The tank you see on my crooked lil belly-because someone sticks out their butt-is Old Navy maternity. Super soft, comfy and one of the few maternity items I have had to purchase.
Happy Fab Friday xoxo



Pretty hard to be fab when you stay up all night. I used to get it in with sleep and lately because of the pregnancy I am not sleeping. Scratch lately-since my fateful day with that stick-I haven’t been sleeping.
I will be in a blissful sleep and I can turn the wrong way, open my eyes and be up for HOURS. My baby apparently is quite the night owl and goes to the ‘club’ every night about 1:40. It seems that ‘Baby Nightclub’ the unofficial nickname, kicks it hard then heads out about 4, goes to White Palace Grill (Chitown represent) and gives this unfab momma 2 – 2 1/2 hours of sleep.
Some nights are WAY better than others, but between bathroom breaks, Charley Horses, baby’s moves, pokes and digs, and just plain ol’ being uncomfortable-I rarely feel rested. Oy!!!! This is not a complaint at all because I love the baby…I just think of how much I used to love sleep too 😉
My Dr. says this may just be the baby’s sleep pattern. So someone better let little baby #turnup know momma needs her zzzzzzs please.
Counting sheep all night-Fabmommy

R & B Divas, Black Women and Paula Deen

Ok so R & B Divas just went off and Syleena just checked Nicci so hard that she made me laugh. Hard.
While texting and laughing, my cousin mentioned that these types of shows give black women a bad name.
I think ALL of the reality TV right now gives EVERY nationality a bad name because it is sooooo extreme. Pretty Wicked Moms, Shahs of Sunset, the Housewives franchise, etc.
and this Paula Deen fiasco about her use of the ‘N’ word has me soooo distraught. I am hoping as it unfolds her side becomes more clear and less insensitive. Until then-I refuse to use my Paula Deen purple pots.
Fab randomness. Laters.

Why iCan’t, but I do with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Well, the show makes my head hurt half the time and the other half I feel like I am having sensory overload.
I know a lot of teenagers watch it and I just would hope that these young girls know and understand CLEARLY-it is not okay for a husband to discuss abortions and blood tests with a wife. Ugghhhh. So frustrated with that storyline.
I don’t mind the crazy triangle that is Stevie, Joseline and Mimi or the other one of Scrappy (even though his lingo irritates me), Erica and Shay.
I can even deal with K. Michelle’s random made up songs, but what I am not here for is Frost’s blatant disrespect of the covenant of marriage and playing his wife like a two bit you know what!!!
What are your thoughts about it?!?!?


I miss the days when I felt flutters. These big huge kicks, turns and cartwheels actually hurt. Sometimes I gag, others I flinch, either way this baby is STRONG. My hubby is amazed at how much the baby moves and my hubby is not with us 24/7. Oooh child. Already mommies never described the actual pain that can occur from a moving baby.
I am here to tell you-it hurts LOL (in a loving, hey mama I am growing kind of way)
Stay fab! xoxo

And this is why…

Being on summer break is awesome.

I get to organize. I am going through some of my Mom’s paperwork that needs to meet the shredder. Going through my paperwork too. You find random goodies-I found stock photos that my Mom took at her job years ago and today I am going to buy a frame for me and one for my brother.
I get to cook. Yesterday I invited my Dad over for fried catfish, greens, sweet potatoes, dressing, mac n cheese, cornbread and brownies. I showed him baby stuff, we talked and it was great.
I get to put my feet up. Thank God.
I get to spend extra time with my hubby before he goes to work.
I get a lot more quality time bonding with the baby and that is super important.
I have only been off 4 days and it is already FAB!