Planning a Gender Reveal

People who actually know me completely understand that I would LOVE to have a career change and have an event planning business with a scrapbooking room in the back 🙂

The Gender reveal is my first event that I am planning for our little bundle and I am tryingggggg not to go completely over the top.

I am a pretty creative person so I am not in great need of Pinterest (plus I really can’t stand how you go to events now and you can see their entire event is someone else’s online idea) or any real prep work for it because the hope (from my husband) is for it to be small.

At first I wanted to have the theme, “What Will the Baby ‘Bee'” with gray, yellow and white decor. The husband agreed and I got to planning. But something was aching my soul. It was that darn ‘bee’. Now, I am all for a play on words but as an educated woman with two English degrees- something wouldn’t let me do it. Maybe it was my grandmother’s spirit- who taught for 41 years- telling me that some people wouldn’t get it. Either way, that went out the window.

So as of right now- the theme is simply blue or pink. In soft colors. MMMMMMM pastels. Lil baby feet, pacifiers, clothespins and the like. I am getting excited. My dad keeps referring to it as a Gender Bender, which “unexcites” me, but I am letting him slide since it his first time being a Grandad and all. ;0

More to come about this fab party.



Belly Belly

It is really hard to figure out what to do as far as care and ‘stretch marks’. I will not tell you what to do, but I will tell you what I do. Every single day it is like being a little scientist with all of my various concoctions.
Initially, I thought I would be able to use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter on my belly-but-it was soooo itchy.
So then I went to the Palmer’s Stretch Mark lotion. That was an awesome relief. I love it. I put it on constantly.
Another must have for my belly is Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, expensive as it may be, but I LOVE it. The smell, the consistency, the feel. All awesome.
I did get a sample of belly honey that I enjoyed. However, it was sticky and I only used it at night. It ruined my pajamas and the sample lasted about 4 days.
Thus far, no stretch marks and my itty bitty frame is stretching away 😉 I keep hearing that they are genetic and my Mom didn’t have them so we will see. And considering I am ALL belly, I would like for it to stay pretty. Now it is hairy as all crap, but that is another post.
Keeping it fab all in the belly region. xoxo