My Fave- Pasta Salad

I am putting this here for two reasons. 

1. So people can make it themselves. LOLOL

2. To have it as a reference point and actually written down somewhere. 

I LOVE to cook. I have been in the kitchen since I was young with my Mom and I would just watch. My Mom never cooked with recipes and I don’t either, but since people ask- I try to keep track when I make stuff so I can spread the love. 

I have been making this for parties for legit at least 12-14 years. Super easy. Can be easily changed and added to and is DELISH. 

I make them for every party and I usually have requests at least 5x a year for various events. I am super particular about the ingredients. So don’t be a cheapo! 


1 box of Barilla tri color rotini

1 bottle of Wishbone Italian 

4 Roma tomatoes

1 cucumber

Seasonings: Kosher salt, pepper, Salad Supreme, crushed red pepper 

Boil pasta – be sure to add table salt to the water and a bit of vegetable oil. 

Dice veggies, add to bowl / pan and add dressing so it can marinate. Add seasonings to taste. 

Drain pasta and add. 

Can be prepped the night before. I used to add cheese, but my son has a dairy allergy. But I have added: broccoli, zucchini, lunch meat, olives, red onions, banana peppers, pretty much anything- up to you. 

Enjoy. Fabmommy 


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