Telling Family

My husband and I wanted to wait until a very special day to break our baby news. And trust me a baby is quite the hard secret to keep. Not because I was busting at the seams with revelry and excitement…more because being sick as crap and flipping exhausted makes me not so fun and I wanted people to know why I was a slug instead of my normal FancyPants self. Anyway, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays – right between my birthday and Christmas – and it is my hubby’s bday so what better day to tell our parents that we are having a baby.

Well, my brother was told a few days earlier on his bday with a card that said, “Happy Bday Uncle” while it took him a few minutes to ‘get it’ once he did he was very happy-shocked, but happy. He was also given Chicago Cubs pacifiers to keep at his house for our visits 🙂

My Brother-in-law was told with a phone call because he lives out of state. He had some inappropriate, not to be posted on my blog comments LOL. Let’s just say he was excited!

The morning of Valentine’s Day when my husband’s mom called to wish him a Happy Birthday, he told her and the phone was passed to me. I don’t think she really gave a hoot about his bday anymore and consumed herself with questions about the pregnancy. There was a bit of shock when she realized I was 13 weeks, but hey my baby- my info to tell.

When he spoke to his dad on his bday he just blurted it out I suppose and I guess they had some father/ son moment that I am out of the loop on.

For my dad, I invited him over under the guise of celebrating my hubby’s bday with cake and when he came in the house, I unzipped my fleece. He was ecstatic and went into this whole, “Oh I knew it when we went out for your brother’s bday because you didn’t drink” rant.

And for my #1 angel- I wrote in my journal- a sweet lil note to my Mom about how my life was being completely FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN 🙂

Overall, it made Valentine’s Day that much more special and a special day that we can tell the baby all about!




What in the World? Coins, Coins, Coins!

So there is a whole heap of stuff that the Mommy to Be books leave out and as “honest” and “real” as they claim to be-ummm they are NOT!!!!!

Here are the random new expenses that have happened in my household since pregnancy.

1. We spend wayyyyyyyyyy more money on toilet paper than we used to. I know this is in part to the 50-11 times I go to the restroom a day. However- not one book points that out.

2. We have now had to add an orange juice budget due to me going through two jugs of OJ in a week’s time. Funny thing, I do not even like OJ like that. Seriously, I rarely drink it. Now i have to have it. So now that is 8 bottles of OJ a month and oranges ain’t cheap.

3. You completely waste money on random urges and cravings. Want sherbert- go buy it- eat a spoonful and then not want it. And hey Double Stuff Oreos- buy those too- eat three then get over it. Oooh Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars-yeah get those too. Leave em in the freezer- who cares!!! Oooh and not to mention Jif individual peanut butter cups- yeah there is still more than half left in the cabinet.

4. Toothbrushes- ummm yeah- so due to my whole bleeding gums fiascos every morning, I am convinced my toothbrushes are riddled with germs, which in turn has me changing them out and throwing them away every week.

5. Produce- so my hubby used to be the health nut in the house, but I want my baby to be as healthy as possible (even though I still indulge) and this results in us purchasing WAY MORE produce. Every week we have to buy a fresh pineapple, a bag of green apples, bananas, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, grapes and strawberries. Now this would last him awhile back in the day because he would freeze a lot for his juicing and smoothies. Not anymore! Now I want fresh fruit and veggies all of the time, along with nachos, fries with mild sauce and Pepsi too.

Just living life in the Mommy to Be fab lane. xoxo