Linea Negra

Okay so this is like a science/health/OB lesson. The linea negra is the line on your belly that helps the Dr. or nurse practitioner measure your uteral fundus. This measures the growth of your lil bundle.
I have always had a very faint line that I viewed as one of my idiosyncracies like my beauty marks, thick eyebrows and freakishly long legs. Then I got pregnant.
I have soon discovered that my once lil faint line is now going bezerk. It had the nerve to be crooked and at the rate it is going-by the time I am 25 weeks it will look like a 4 yr old got a hold of a black Sharpie and decided to not like me!!!
I keep reading ( in several books ) it goes back to normal. -fingers crossed- because I can tell you right now this fab momma still plans on wearing bikinis 😉


Skin Issues

I have never – ever- ever had skin issues in my life. This is all new for me and instead of going into panic mode, I am trying to put myself into a mode of some kind of process.

My typical routine- wash face with warm water- if makeup applied I would use Neutrogena make up wipes which are clearly made by some genius who is sitting back getting mad coins from me and other make up fanatics!! And I have used Oil of Olay lotion on my face since grammar school. Every once in a while (when I would think about it) I would use my St. Ives Apricot Scrub while in the shower and my Witch Hazel as a toner.

So now that there is a small human on the way, I have NO pregnancy glow, I use as minimal makeup as possible and I have been using cocoa butter for the dark spots.

The new routine is- use St. Ives Apricot Scrub 3-4 times a week, use Witch Hazel EVERY SINGLE DAY and stop picking. I think that is my number one issue- picking- I pick at everything my nails, random split ends, face, leg hair, my husband. This poor little baby is going to really be tired of me after the first week with my microscopic vision.

Everyone tells me it is a girl since I am breaking out so much—we shall see.

Anyone else have these preggo issues? Any tips?

Still trying to be fab LOL xoxo

Update–I gave in and invested in the Tea Tree Oil kit from The Body Shop. I will do a review in another post.