Why I LOVE this ManĀ 

Let me count the ways. 

He made me proud. 

He gave me hope. 

He is smart and funny. 

He helped me help young children believe. 

He went above and beyond my expectations. 

I love the way he loves. 

I love the way he parents. 

He is well-read and well-spoken. 

I respect him. And I truly am grateful he came into my life. 

Love you, Obama! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!



Word for the Year

Happy New Year!

In planner and blogger land it is pretty important to have a “word of the year”. It determines plans, becomes your mantra and sets your path. 

My word that I have chosen is … drumroll please…


I chose this word not in the negative sense, but in the sense of me examining and figuring out a better fit and application for my life. Does this apply to friends? No, I got rid of most of the jerks already. I want to re-evaluate my spendingšŸ˜’, time managementšŸ•°, time spent with family, activities with my husband and baby, my home routinesšŸ , self carešŸ’šŸ½, a lot of stuff. 

So, the task is at hand. Figure out your word. Post in the comments. We will hold you accountable. Promise. 

xoxo, Fabmommy