Book Time

I read A LOT and will keep an ongoing book list. Books that are of high interest to me-I will do a blog post about them.

Sad Desk Salad-a cute little read about a blogger and everyone who reads the blog at their desk eating pitiful salads. Gets a bit extreme and unrealistic, but a sweet book nonetheless.

Dusty Crowns- an introspective look at what it means to be a wife and mother all while wearing your Crown for Jesus. 

Everything We Keep- a book about a woman’s grief and ability to find love again. 

A House for Happy Mothers- a book that tells the story of two couples on each side of the surrogate pregnancy. 

Blackbirds- Eric Jerome Dickey strikes again! The book is soooo long, BUT really good. If you are a long time fan like I am then you will discover characters that are now adults from old books like Milk in My Coffee, Chasing Desting and others. It tells the story of 4 chicks who are besties as they navigate through life. The antithesis of SATC. 

Queen Sugar– honest opinion, I don’t like the book. I picked it up awhile ago, began watching the show and once the season was over- read the book. Maybe that was my mistake. I couldn’t get over or past the vast differences. They irked me. Good writing and nice imagery, but I didn’t care for it. 

Say what???

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