Queen Sugar Tailspin 

Ahhhh Queen Sugar. This week, which I am pretty much calling ‘Charley and the Angry Ponytail’, opens with Charley in the fetal position not answering any of Aunt Vi’s probing questions. Micah is exposed to far too much and Ralph Angel managed to get even finer this episode. Aunt Vi is heartbroken, Nova is irritating as all hell and Remy is just a super duper do gooder. Oh, and to top it all off: a storm is coming. Lets dive into it. 

Charley is in a chair depressed thinking about just how terrible her husband is and gets a case of the sads. Aunt Vi wants to help, but in a very Carrie after Big ditched her at the altar scene- Charley just can’t deal. Vi goes to “get her feet done” since Hollywood is coming back. She is such an old lady. LOL. Charley gets dressed for the day and even though I loved her blazer A. It is hot in LA and B. I didn’t want to see her in it the ENTIRE day. Geez. Anyhoo, she goes to talk to Micah letting him know his dad sucks and they will stay. Micah is upset, rightfully so and goes into the typical teenage angst. She then discovers when trying to make a payment for farm equipment that her account is popped. Allllll because of Nova. She storms over and gives her a full piece of her mind. After meeting with her uber annoying sister she heads to breakfast with Ralph Angel- in all his fine glory. This only leads to her thinking he is trying to use her since he now needs employment per his P.O. She basically has a tantrum, storms out, lashes out and is comforted by Remy who apologizes for everyone who doesn’t. WHATTTT! Super sweet. Her funk (both assumed because of that hot blazer and attitude) continues throughout the day even into Hollywood’s Crab Boil Welcome Back Fest. Remy tells her she hasn’t grieved. He discussed his wife and talked about how you have to let grief have its way with you and respect it. The amount of tears I shed during this scene. Lawd Jesus in the manger. It was poignant, thoughtful and he was so raw. Excellent. I do predict that she is going to discover she is a spitting image of his wife or something because right now he is pretty awesome. 

Nova is apparently “Free” now. Why, you ask? Ms. Chantal. We saw this coming a mile away last week. So they had relations, picked herbs out the garden, smoked herb, made breakfast, went to an art show- I mean like a whole RELATIONSHIP. I would like to point out that she has maybe 0% body fat and her skin looks like velvet. What is she using? Shea, coconut oil, baby lotion? I need answers. Beautiful skin and toned body aside, she is AWFUL! How in the hell of life can you NOT BE SORRY for stealing $. Girl! She is super self righteous, throws Charley’s relationship in her face and is kind of snide. She has a redeeming moment with Hollywood’s wife, but I didn’t like her this episode at all. Well, except when her super pro black chick exposed sheltered like my great grandma’s china, Micah, to the perils of black men through an art exhibit by BMike. His Instagram is bmike2c. 

Ralph Angel – in all his fine glory is hanging with Blue when the P.O. drops in for a home visit. We find out a lot. Aunt Vi has legal custody for another year. Ralph Angel has to have gainful employment with 40 hrs min. wage and insurance and the place where he used to work had a bust and all those guys are facing 5-10 years so he was “laid off” just in time. When Charley has her tantrum at the restaurant he has his interest piqued by Roberta who is super skanky. Once Aunt Vi arrives for her last check we find out info regarding Blue’s mama. Apparently, Hollywood found her turning tricks in a shed when Blue was a baby. Blue was dehydrated and dirty with the sweat from his mama’s  John pouring down on his helpless baby self. WHAT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!?! No wonder Ralph Angel hates her. Aunt Vi refuses to sign over guardianship and I don’t blame her. Ralph Angel isn’t proving himself as super responsible and no one wants Blue in danger again. Of course Skanky Roberta comes over randomly and is told to “clean up” before they sleep together. This man is too wild. 

Aunt Vi is so excited and amped to have Hollywood back. She can’t keep her hands off of him and is preparing for a huge bash in his honor. She even puts on a very inappropriate for her age dress to celebrate. Vi is completely unaware of Leann, but Micah hears Hollywood asking Leann to stop calling him. When Leann shows up at the party broken and sad, Vi assumes she is lost. Leann needs her meds and everyone is crushed during the last 5 minutes of the show. Yes, Hollywood lied and I am not for liars, but he was so hurt that this happened and I don’t think he had malicious intentions. Vi is publicly shamed. Everyone is shocked. And Leann is being rocked by Nova who is probably trying to transfer positive spiritual energy to her. Talk about a crazy let down. Vi tells Hollywood not to come back and Micah steps in and says he will take care of her. When Vi told Charley earlier that “things aren’t always what they seem” that was hella foreshadowing. 

The imagery this week was gorgeous. I mean that tree Micah and Charley sat under- my gosh. The back stories were very helpful to the storyline and characterization. My only hope is this storm doesn’t come and wash away all of Remy’s bootleg seeds. 

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Queen Sugar Episode 6- WOW

This week opens with Nova is doing a radio interview about her newspaper article. The deejays bring up her BIL Davis and Reagan Gomez’s character “Chantal” who is a part of BLM, can sense her stress and helps change the topic. Callers are calling in asking about Davis and the rape charge while Charley is listening at home and gets upset. Anddddd Nova basically takes “Goldy’s” side because she talks about the importance of rape victims coming forward and Charley assumes she is accusing Davis. Chantal shows heavy interest in Nova. Like HEAVY. As in, they may be FWB in next week’s show. Too Sweet calls Nova collect to give her info on what is going on in jail. He asks all the important questions and she has no answers. She is saddened and angry. She and Davis have an an exchange later in the show where she basically reads his priveleged behind. There is a fundamental difference in how black men are treated, however, can we acknowledge it all sucks any damn way. In her guilt and anger after their convo, she ‘borrows’ money from the farm account to post bail for Too Sweet to the tune of 10k. I am sure this is going to be a ginormous problem when the siblings find out. 

Aunt Vi is being the peacemaker this episode and smooths everything over. She basically wears a cape the entire time. She is taking Blue to church and Ralph Angel- in all his fine glory- gives her some $ for lunch. He also has a new phone, which all show his illegal activities are keeping $ in his pockets. Aunt Vi is far from a fool and knows he is up to no good and saves his entire behind. She side eyes him when he tells her he is locking up the shed to protect farm equipment. Luckily, she knows better. 

Ralph Angel- in all his fine glory- is continuing to deal with this jerkface Melvin at his job who wants him to hide stolen goods at the farm. I almost want his mean pull a gun on a dude demeanor to come out because this is too much. Once he stands up for himself he and the guy get into a physical altercation and he essentially gets jumped at work. Their beyond terrible boss tells him to get back to work and Ralph Angel tells him he can’t work there anymore. He wants a lay off and the boss says no. He says he will tell his PO that the boss is stealing $ from his check. The boss shoos him away. The police come to search the house that night because of theft accusations (boss? Melvin? Unclear) and thanks to Nosey Nu Nu Aunt Vi, she has taken the stolen wares and flung them in the bayou. Saving the day and Ralph Angel. Yayyyyyy. Hopefully he learns and stops. Geez. 

Charley is still working on getting her life together- farm and husband. She is presented with an idea from Remy about planting the sugar cane seed he has created. He wants to give it to her for free to test it out. None of the other farmers have shown interest so ummm yeah. Charley lashes out at Nova regarding the radio interview. Remy is standing there gobsmacked and after Charley says the prostitute wants 3 million, Aunt Vi says, “That is one expensive piece of ass” FOOLYWANG. They need a farm manager so Prosper comes to meet with them and while at dinner we find out Remy has lost his wife and is a widower. Prosper agrees to help, but shows concern about the family’s lack of confidence and commitment to farm life. He does mention that their daddy wanted them to work together. Sad face. Charley gets played by every man in her life when she helps with seed day- Remy, Micah and Davis are all super pressed that she actively participates in any form of manual labor. Davis can see the attraction / tension between Remy and Charley. Charley seems flushed at their introduction and Remy runs to get a hot link. LOL

And now for the moment we have all been waiting for- Drumroll please. The meeting with Melina. Davis tells Charley before they go in that he doesn’t know what she will say and holds his stance on the fact that he didn’t rape her. Charley says, I know and grabs his hand as they go into the room with all of the attorneys. It seems at this point the check will be given and he will apologize and BOOM- Melina begins to speak and I tell you I was on the edge of my seat, mouth wide open like what in the entire hell. Davis didn’t rape her. That much is true. But, this dude is a low down, dirty rotten scoundrel. They have been in a relationship for 3 years. WHAT! That night he left her in the hotel room she was carried into because he had to rush home due to Micah being sick. The other ball players did rape her and said Davis told them to have a go at her. She was hurt because of their “relationship” and she assumed as his mistress that she shouldn’t have been passed around. Other players came in the room and raped her as well. The number is unclear. Davis called her when she came forward to the press and she recorded their call. When she pulled that phone out you could have sold me for a quarter. In a very Trumplike manner he disgustingly played her, talked down to her and basically said he pays her to shut up and do what his wife won’t do. Charley was shook. I thought she was going to puke. All she could do was apologize and run out of the room. I wasn’t paying attention to the DVR so when her last words were “We’re over!” and the elevator doors closed I was pissed that the episode was done. I can’t believe it. I swore she was pregnant. Melina did get her voice heard and proved what she said a few shows ago about Charley not knowing her husband. Insert the Florida Evans, “Damn, damn, damn” here. 

So we are midway through the season and what a wild ride. Thus far, the women all save the day and the men are sideline peeps awaiting help. Well, with the exception of Remy and sometimes Hollywood, who is still super suspect to me. 

What’s next? Nova and Chantal? Because clearly Boo is gone. Nova getting in trouble with her siblings for STEALING! Ralph Angel finally staying out of trouble? And where is Blue’s mama- did I miss something? I know one thing – this daggone sugar cane better grow!!! 

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What in the entire heck…Queen Sugar Episode 5

This week- Nova and Boo get into it about her writing a front page story about the police force. He is upset about the fact that he decided to sneak her into the hospital and she used the patient as writing material. Boo is mad because he comes from a police family. They both have a good argument- police families pray their families return and black families pray their families return= stalemate. Later, Nova is selling weed to some dude with thot dots at her door when Boo shows up. He lets her know that she is a PART OF THE PROBLEM by selling weed to the boys she wrote about. They have weed on them- get busted by the cops- get time. DAMN. Oh and Boo loves her apparently. And he called her a peddler. So many one liners in the show! He tells her she never wanted a relationship, which is why he was chosen since he is a white married cop. He tells her she only wanted company. She asks for her key. He obliged. Funny how he is concerned about his feelings, but not his wife’s. Duh. 

Charley is dealing with various scenarios. Micah obviously needs to interview for another private school since he is currently a Beauty School Dropout. This crazy wife / manager goes to Goldy’s house and she is living large and in charge BTW. They exchange words- one of the main ones being “raped”. Charley basically tells the chick to beat it and the chick tells Charley – nope. I think she goes to the house as the wife though and not the manager. Only to be told that she doesn’t know anything about her husband. Womp. Womp. The attorney is frustrated with her for doing this and actually goes as far to compare Davis to OJ. WTH! She wants and needs a tractor for the farm and finds out from Remy that a tractor is 200k. The farm manager that Remy finds is mean as an old rattlesnake and does not want to help AT ALL. Charley lets people get the best of her at the auction and doesn’t try to get her dad’s tractor back. Remy gets frustrated because she wastes $ and tells her no one will respect her going forward. The farm manager quits and Remy apologizes and lets her know he purchased her dad’s tractor. Super sweet. Micah’s dad is frustrated because his son isn’t chasing up behind him. Micah calls his mom because he needs to get away from the media and Becky with the good hair. They agree to move South temporarily. When the phone rings again Charley thinks it is her son BUT it is Goldy who wants 3 million. Yes. Three. Million. And she wants to talk to Davis face to face. Super crazy! Three. Million. Dollars. These prostitutes out here set tripping. FOR REAL. 

Aunt Vi is dealing with this young fool who thinks he can boss her around and talk to her any kind of way. He embarrasses her in front of her girlfriends as they were hanging out and talking about #blackgirlmagic -In the meantime Hollywood’s “wife” played by Maxine Shaw- ha, I mean – Erika Alexander, is in the daggone psych ward. She is bi-polar and suicidal. She wants him and he is only letting her use his health insurance. He has clearly moved on and he convinces his “wife” to just be that on paper for medical purposes. Vi is completely unaware of this scenario and is already having a terrible day when she calls him thinking he is at work when he is actually at the hospital. She goes home and gets high with her nieces. Weed provided by Nova- who also admits she is bisexual in a strange way that almost seems like this small southern family is ok with Nova’s sexuality. Aunt Vi quits her job after telling the fake DeBarge boss she needs to quit in order to save his life. I laughed. Then watched that part again. LOL. 

Ralph Angel – in all his fine glory- has his check shortened by 8 hours and is told, “Freedom ain’t free” by his boss. The dude who already mixed him up with the bogus sugar cane is trying to convince him to wiggle and worm and steal. He tells him no! This dude is just super shady. The dude slips product in his bag in the locker and Ralph Angel- in all his fine glory takes it. I wanted to throw the remote at the TV! 

Great episode. More analysis and characterization. Beautiful camera angles. Man vs. nature, society, man, himself and moral are all evident conflicts. What’s next?!? I SWEAR RALPH ANGEL IS GONNA GET CAUGHT. 

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