Ha really app. This screenshot is from my What to Expect app, which has been dope up until this point. Now, I am offended!!!
Yep, I am overdue. No end in sight. Mama’s boy. GET OUT. I read him his eviction notice. He didn’t care. Stubborn like me I suppose. Until his debut–I will continue to walk (big sigh) and rest. I have a troublemaker on my hands it seems.
*still cute though and FAB!


Ha. Yeah. Ok.

I am due tomorrow. Yep, tomorrow. I have no signs of labor. AT ALL. I know due dates are an estimation, but it has become this day we say for the last 10
months and now zippo. Maybe this full moon tonight will do something.
I am still fab though –just 10 months pregnant. Back to Catfish.

Mad Real

Welp, one of us gained 10 lbs in the last 3 1/2 weeks and yes that person is me-not you-my sweet readers. I went to the dr Friday for my 38 wk appt and was beyond shocked that I have averaged 3 lbs a week for the past few weeks. My nurse practitioner said she will ignore the scale and the calories won’t hurt me. For the most part I had no significant weight gain the entire pregnancy so I am a smidge surprised.
Andddddd maybe this explains the new massive back pain I am feeling. 10 days left, but whose counting???
Stay fab, pass this sweet lil blog along to your friends. xoxo


So, before the Love and Hip Hop Reunion airs I still have commentary about the season finale.
Ummm-was I the only one who didn’t think that “Mimi had the last laugh”? I feel like she is just as much a part of the foolery as everyone else. What woman entertains those shenanigans? I feel like she accepts his gifts and plays into his mess and now she is supposed to be deemed as ‘above them’. Nope
Kirk and Preggo- that man needed to pay for high float because the latex balloons were dragging along 😉
But real talk, the constant defilement of the covenant of marriage is soooo ridiculous and sad. He needs to really grow up or go away.
Ok, that is it for now. I am sure I will sit here shocked in about 15 minutes.
2 weeks left til this kid arrives and staying fab is getting harder. Phewwww.