Easy Pasta Recipe

I know. I know. Queen Sugar recap is coming. I am just rewatching certain parts. Anyhoo, easy pasta. I love carbs. I love excuses for garlic bread and I love fast and quick recipes that are toddler approved. 


Small onion- diced

Half a green pepper- diced

1 package of mild Italian sausage

3/4 box of Barilla Penne pasta

1 jar of Ragu chunky style with tomatoes and onions

Seasonings- black pepper, garlic powder, Lawry’s, crushed red pepper, Italian seasoning, Oregano

In a large pot add olive oil and saute the veggies, add the cut Italian sausage and brown. 

While this is going on boil your noodles so they will be ready. Add a pinch of salt to your water. 

Once the sausage is browned, pour off excess oil and add the jar of sauce. Then fill the jar up maybe 1/3 of the way with water. Shake and add to the pot. Add all seasonings and let simmer. I am a heavy seasoner because no one in this house is afraid of spice- kid included. 

Rinse cooked noodles in cooled water and add to pot. Put the top on and make some garlic bread. A great meal in less than an hour. 



P. S. Le Creuset pots are the BEST cookware around. This set is literally 28 years old. My dad bought it for my mom when we went to Disney when I was 9. I have my own as well in purple, lavender and I am asking for teal for Christmas. 😉