New Year’s Eve Wishes

I hope that your evening is filled with love and cheer and Cheers;) 

As you go into 2016 don’t focus so much on what you want to change. Focus on what aspects of you that you want to make better. I am a great wife- but want to be a better one. I am an awesome mom – but want to work a lot more on not wanting to sell my 2 yr. old on Ebay allllll the tahmmmmm. I am a pretty cool friend- but want to hold people more accountable and not feel guilty. I am a Christian – but want to devote even more of myself to Christ. I am not changing anything just working with what I got!!!

Oh and somewhere somehow in a land far away I may eat better and save more $ (strong maybe). Runs away. 

Happy New Year. 

xoxo— Fabmommy


Planning Made Easy

Enjoy $10 off with that link. 

New Year, New You! Boo 😉

So plan it out. 

I know many people search for countless ways to get organized. 

I have used planners probably since junior high. I started using an Erin Condren vertical life planner in 2014 and I love it. I have multiple covers and am finalllllly finding what the planning girls refer to as ‘planner peace’. 

So Erin Condren rocks in some aspects and in some others seems to be a teeny bit shaky. Yes, I have had some issues within the last year and a half, but I will say this- their customer service figures it out. Even if it takes multiple tries. 😉 

EC is super awesome because you can change your covers whenever you want. So holidays-check. Birthday month-check. Seasons-check. Anniversary month-check. That part is super awesome. And then there is the loyalty program. Order 5x-boom here is $25 off. Who does that??? But wait, there is more.  Order 10x $50 off and 20x a freaking $100 off!!! Talk about a wow and win win! 

The only thing is shipping is a bit pricey so I tend to not order one thing when I do order. I have gotten to 10 orders and am eyeing the address book as my next purchase. 

Yay you! Happy planning! 



Need to Cook? Lasagna…mmmmmm!

Hey guys,

I know. SURPRISE! 

I am giving you a special treat- maybe you can make it for NYE. I am an awesome cook (pats back) I get it from my Momma (Jay-Z voice) BUT, the problem is I typically (code for never) use recipes. 

My hair stylist has asked a few times for my lasagna recipe and I made a point to write down what I did the last time I made it. So, here you go. 


1 lb ground turkey

1 med onion

1 med green pepper

1 garlic (you will use to your liking) 

1 container Ricotta cheese

1 box Barilla lasagna noodles 

2 bags of Cheese I prefer Kraft mozz and Italian cheese blend 


Roma tomatoes



(All veggies are up to you)

Seasonings-italian, oregano, garlic powder, lawrys, pepper and sugar or honey (1 tablespoon of that for sweetness)

3 15 oz cans tom sauce I prefer Hunt’s

1 can tom paste same as above

What to do-

Saute garlic, onion & green pepper

Boil noodles

Add ground turkey to veggies and brown

Clean and Dice veggies and spinach

Add tom sauce and paste w seasonings to browned ground turkey

Be careful w noodles sticking together I usually do 12

Spray glass casserole dish

*mix a bit of your sauce w the ricotta cheese in a bowl to make it less clumpy

Layer noodles, meat sauce, ricotta mixture, veggies, cheese and repeat. 

Put in oven on 350 1 hr cover loosely w foil

Take foil off last 15 minutes

* I usually put the casserole dish on a cookie sheet for leaking

Yay you!!! 


Cookies and Cocoa Party

I started a tradition 3 years ago when my baby was 4 months old. His Cookies and Cocoa party is an awesome time for his baby friends to get together and decorate cookies and cupcakes that I baked, all while the adults enjoy Bailey’s and hot cocoa with tons of toppings. I keep the menu simple with chips and dips, sub sandwiches and pizza. 

I love the opportunity to have fun and celebrate and there is no better way than eating yummy treats and drinking yummy cocoa while doing so. 

The party is super chill and kind of work at your own pace. As they get older it will evolve with more games and prizes. But for now they are two and barely get it. LOL. 

Here are a few pics of the set up from this year and the house the kids made. Oh, and the winning gingerbread man. 

It was a great time, per the usual and I can’t wait until next year. 



Why Target Gets All of My Cash

Red carts. Check

Dollar Spot. Check

5% off with my Redcard. Check

Cartwheel. Check 

And heck if I want Pizza Hut. Check LOL

Target is the bee’s knees. Everything about Target’s coupon policy makes it super duper awesome sauce. Now we won’t discuss my balance on my card, but I will discuss coupons and Cartwheel. 

To date, I have saved $407.65 with Cartwheel. Yes, you read that correctly. Here is how. I typically shop based off of my Cartwheel selections. So if I see something 30% off that I definitely know I will use – to Target I go. It really hypes me up if I have a coupon for said item. And currently during the holiday season, they feature a toy daily for 50% off and this year’s selections have been great! 

As for coupons- you can stack mobile, Target, manufacturer’s and Cartwheel for added savings. All in all, a WIN WIN scenario! 

And if you have a Redcard (credit or debit) you get an additional 5% off. Often times, I split my payments especially if I am purchasing items that earn me gift cards because I use them on the next transaction. 

If you need anymore Target tips- comment. 

*FYI- clearance is typically final when it ends in a 4

Fab shopping!!!


Christmas Time is Here

And yes, I am singing that in my Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang voice. My house is filled with treeS yep- multiple, stockings, angels and glee. I love this time of year and I miss my mom more than I can even fathom. But, we push through. We celebrate. We love. 

Pink Elephant in the room alert. In all reality, I LOVE MY BLOG, but LIFE gets in my way. Dangit. I simply have not enough hours in the day to handle being a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and teacher. Not to mention being Susie Homemaker / the black Martha Stewart. So somewhere in between cooking, cleaning, washing, educating Charod on shapes and letters, being as wifely as possible (which trust me ain’t that wifely) and the gazillion other things going on- I have no time to write. It saddens me too because I love writing but realistically when I blogged over at my other awesome blog- I had no husband-no child-my mom was my photographer- and I didn’t even have my promotion at work. Those were the days. Lol. 

Enough about my woe is me- Christmas fools, let’s focus. 

This wknd- JC Penney has 30% off

Carson’s, Kohl’s and Macy’s have 25% off 

Bath and Body Works and White Barn Candle have candles today for 8.50 so it is definitely stock up time and you can use coupons. 

I am in the middle of still decorating, but will definitely share pics and try and post deals as they come my way- even if it means a blurb and not a blog post. 

I may not be fab with the blog, I mean HELLO, I haven’t blogged since April, but in real life around these parts, I am doing a kick ass job!