Bopping Around Nashville 

Ha. Talk about a late post. We went to Nashville last summer- yes 2016- for my bday and here we are gearing up to go again and I never did the post from last year. No excuses. I just suck. 

Anyhoo, Nashville is AWESOME! My husband wants to move there. I am not THAT in love with it…yet. But, I did love it. So much so, we are going back in a few weeks. 

What’s to like / love about Nashville? It’s clean, it’s southern enough that you experience the hospitality, but not the blatant racism, everything is relatively close, the food is BOMB, shopping is decent, friendly people and where we went was pretty much middle to upper middle class. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am nobody’s fool, I am sure there are crappy parts, but I wasn’t there. 

Places to go- I am totally into slave plantations and The Hermitage did not disappoint. Great tour, really good info and very eye opening. 

Hattie B’s and Gigi’s Cupcakes. Everything in Nashville is about hot chicken. The line was insane, but so worth it. My husband got the hottest version and was eating with his nose running! Who does that?!? I totally had to go to Gigi’s because that is what my Godkids called my mom. 

The Aquarium Restaurant was so cute and fun. It is super family friendly and the food and drinks were great. We are going back this year. 

Biscuit Love was literally the best damn breakfast ever. I am not a huge breakfast person, but wow! Now, it is expensive as all crap, but so good! 

The downtown area. So many shops, restaurants and people. Totally touristy. Totally hilarious. If you are a people watcher- best place ever. 

The last pic is the best! Just a pic of my two favorite people hanging out. It was crazy hot in July though and slightly miserable. We will be better prepared this year. If you have any Nashville suggestions let me know. I am so excited to go back. 


Fabmommy on the Go 🙂 


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