What’s the Haps????

With so much going on and a sick toddler running around- my resurrected blog went to the back burner. I have to get better. I know this and I will.

So, this post is pretty much what used to be my WTH Wednesday that focused on the crazy happenings in the world and life.

Baltimore- #blacklivesmatter need I say more? If you haven’t googled or have been under a rock then you need to be fully versed in what is going on there. It is so unfortunate that these situations keep popping up, but I also find it interesting that something that has always been going on between SOME police and SOME black men is in the forefront of our news.

Daphne Oz- my girl from The Chew is preggers again and totes adorbs. They also won a Daytime Emmy, which I think they totally deserve because I DVR the show and LOVE IT!

Dinner at Tffani’s – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show. SO good. Her recipes are easy and awesome. She is funny and her guests are people we are familiar with – like Brandon from 90210 *swoon*

Bruce Jenner- the interview left me feeling really sad for him and for people who can not be happy in their own skin, whether it be sexuality, weight, race, what have you- every person deserves to be happy and to cloak yourself in a lie upwards of 50 years is total sadness. Best of luck headed his way.

STARBUCKS- Frap HappyHour is back starting Friday from 2-5 or 6 if you are down with the rewards. Yay! So excited. My goal is to try the Smores one even though I don’t like them in real life. But we shall see and on my IG-thelifeofafabmommy- I will post some pics of what I get. Laters!

That just about wraps this up for this week. I have a crap ton to do and I am starving.

xoxo and sparkle to you all on this Wednesday



There is a girl at daycare. Her name is Aubree. Charod is IN LOVE AND OBSESSED with this girl. At home she is all he talks about. If you mention the word school he looks up and says, “Aubree, Aubree” I usually tell him she is at home with her mommy or asleep. I would say he discusses her at least 20x between getting home at 4 and laying down by 8. Weekends are insane. 

The funny part of it all is that I ran into her Mom and she said that all Aubree talks about at home is “Rod”. Go figure. Two lil baby lovebirds 😣😣😣

How in the heck did this happen?!? Luckily she is a fab lil sweet thing and is super quiet and shy. So sweet! But I don’t like her being all about my baby! Don’t get it twisted. 


Throwback Post

I only have maybe 20 or so of 300 old posts saved somewhere so I will post them randomly on this new blog. This post was a HIT the first time do you hear me! A HIT! I love cooking and here is a crock pot lasagna recipe for you.

Original post:

Something new for the blog…every now and again I will start featuring recipes. The idea came to me Saturday when my Godmother was over and asked for a recipe. My mom didn’t write alllll of her recipes down, but she does have some in a hideous recipe box and I figured that as I cook her famous meals, along with my own I will put recipes on the blog. Sunday dinner this week features crock pot lasagna, corn, yummy salad and garlic bread.

The lasagna is super easy and here is the recipe.
1 lb of ground turkey (you can use whatever you like it is just my preference)
1 medium chopped onion
1 finely chopped garlic clove
1 large can of tomato sauce
1 small can of tomato paste
1 uncooked box of lasagna noodles
1 15 oz container Ricotta cheese
2 bags of Mozzarella cheese
1 bag of Asiago cheese
*if you like some fresh spinach(my brother’s idea)

I use crock pot liners to make my life easy so feel free to start doing that as well 😉

-sauté veggies with a smidge of EVOO
-brown meat (as this is happening make your salad, kill 2 birds with 1 stone)
– add sauce, paste, Italian seasoning, black pepper, salt (once this gets to bubbling you will know it is done)
-in the crockpot layer the meat sauce, followed by a Ricotta cheese mixture you will make in a bowl with the R.C. and half a bag of Mozzarella (I usually mix this with a fork on top of the meat so you are not getting big honking chunks of R.C. Then add more yummy cheese on top of this, next uncooked Lasagna noodles (you will have to break them so they can fit and I suggest a double layer) *if you add spinach put before the noodles. Continue to layer.
4 hours on your crock pot and then Bam(in the words of Emeril) you have din din. Enjoy xoxo

I am Back…

Ummmm. I am back. Kinda. I think. Not sure. As I vacillate this decision all dang day I am texting my boos Sam Bam and Rayna trying to figure out what to do. 

So many varying thoughts… I tweeted last night about the perils of overprocessed thoughts. Big flipppppping sigh. Here are my struggles. 

-do I have the time to blog with a crazy toddler?

-do I feature above said crazy toddler and risk a pervo doing something odd with his pics

-do I have the time-wait I said that-but really doe!!!!

-next level—

-I started blogging 5 years ago and times have changed. I have changed. My life has changed. Will peeps have interest? Will I want to stop? 

Wahhhh. Wahhhhhh. Wahhhhhhhh! 

Ok, enough belly aching. 

Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. We shall see. Stay tuned!