Candy Attack

I gave up sweets for Lent-I am not Catholic, but my Mom always encouraged me and my brother to sacrifice something during that time.
Now, this idea was nuts this time around and very difficult because of the pregnancy and the CRAVINGS!!!
I stuck it out though…now moving on-I am going to probably need dentures because I am eating SO much candy. I need some self control! Really.
I have a problem. Someone help! I can just sit and eat Frootie after Frootie, Skittle after Skittle. I taste the rainbow in my sleep! What were your random cravings?
I will not be a FAB Mommy if I have no teeth LOL xoxo


Gear Grinding

This is such a random crazy post, but here are a few things that are grinding my gears at #26 weeks.

1. I feel like because of my small frame people do not think I am tired and exhausted. Guess what folks, I am growing a human too; just like the moose back girl who gets more sympathy because she is super swollen.
2. Another small frame gear grinder- “OMG, you will probably have to have a c-section because you are so small.” Interestingly, my DOCTOR has said nothing about this. Now if this were me pregnant in college back when I was a size 0 then who knows, but I am a solid sturdy size 4.
3. “When are you due?” “August.” “OMG, you are going to be so miserable being pregnant in the summer.” Ummmm-so apparently I am moving out of my air conditioned home, not driving my air conditioned truck and rolling around in forest preserves or maybe Tahiti until the baby arrives (in an air conditioned hospital).
4. “When are you due?” “August 21.” “OMG, that is my cousin’s best friend’s b-day!!!” Like I really give a hoot. No one in either family is born that day and other than that -well besides Samantha from SATC, Count Basie, oooh and Kenny Rogers- I am not that interested.
5. The weight gain question. This probably grinds my gears theeeeee most. People are so infatuated with the lack of extra poof and fluff on my body. I am beyond ecstatic. Less to lose and my 4 closets full of clothes will still be my friends after the baby 😉 Most people will flat out ask, “Is your Dr. concerned?” Hmmm, let me think if he is (which he is not) and I share that with you, will you pay my co-pay? No. Ok. Well then find you some business. And while you are at it figure out how I have a 6 month old human kickin’ it inside of me and your belly looks the fool.
That is all for now. Just needed to release that energy.
Being fab regardless of the weirdos. xoxo

Glucose Test

Okay so this apparently is a super major thing during pregnancy. It determines if the Mommy to Be has gestational diabetes and has to deal with Insulin and whatnot.
The test is given typically between 25-28 weeks.
I took my test during week 26. I have read on various forums that the drink is gross and to drink it quickly. I did not eat that morning, per the info of the technician, and was starving!!!
I brought three glossies with me, made sure my phone was charged and prepared for the worst.
All in all, the drink wasn’t that bad. Ok it was freaking gross. I will not tell a lie!!! It tasted like a melted orange freeze pop mixed with that cheap Faygo pop, a flat one at that and some dumb fool put in the refrigerator. My goal was to get it down and make sure it stayed there. At first my sweet lil baby got excited like it was OJ-then soon realized it was a crappy imposter and went back to sleep or retreated in a sad corner at the lackluster flavor.
I flipped through my glossies, wrote some blog posts, looked at my cuticles and prestooooooo-my hour was finito!
Yayyy-ummm -not so much.
So -I text the hubby that I was stopping at the store. Instead of stopping at the store I went home because I was all kinds of thrown off. I felt like I had vertigo or me and the baby teleported back to like week 9/10-when pregnancy life was the PITS.
My husband asked if I needed anything and I just wanted to sit down. Could this orange drink be Snow White’s apple or something? And who really wants to puke up orange crap???
I felt like a mess the entire day. He went to work and I was a bump on a log. I had intentions on cooking tacos and ended up ordering pizza with the great hope of grease destroying and being stronger than whatever the dizzying, nauseating force that was taking over my body.
I fell asleep by 7:30.
At my Dr’s appt the next morning I found out I passed. Thanks God because there is NO WAY I would ever want to feel like that again.
After speaking to friends and family it seems the orange drink is worse than the clear one and the ickyness is one of those ‘par for the course’ pregnancy things. How many days left???LOL
Fab today, but not the day of that blasted test!! xoxo

Mother’s Day

I miss my mother. I miss her every single day. There is not a day that goes by that I let go of the idea and concept of wishing she was here.
Now that I am pregnant-I want to give my baby every single thing my mother gave to me. Here are a couple of things I am grateful for and hope to pass down.
She taught me that a Mother’s Love is without condition and that sometimes that love will have to be tough (even when I didn’t like it).
I learned that education is a foundation to stand on to get you to the next level.                                                                               My mother taught me that everyone isn’t cut from the same cloth and sometimes you have to surround yourself with likeminded individuals because water seeks its own level.
I learned early on about myself that I jump in feet first-and on occassion that is not okay 😉
I learned to love wholly-to give my all-to leave my mark-to smile when I enter a room and speak.
I know the importance and value of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the vast value of grace and FAITH.
I learned that opening your home to others, being warm and gracious and having a big heart are all awesome ideas, but guard your heart.
Listen to people. And when their truth is revealed and eventually it will be-accept it.
I learned that marriage is important and you should be in a relationship where you are happy.
Don’t always play nice-sometimes you have you let people know that you are not going to allow mistreatment in ANY form.
Work hard, play harder.
Saying I love you, giving hugs and spending time are all things that should be done without hesitation.
And that is just to name a few. (This could take up my entire blog if I told everything)
Since she left us in the physical sense I have also learned some other things.
Time is the most important thing we have and it should be spent in a positive light vs. negative.
Love hard-if you love someone let them know it. Each. And. Every. Day.
God answers prayers.
Pictures are AWESOME an a great way to document, reminisce, and laugh when you need it.
Tears are okay.
Live your life with no regrets. I can say without hesitation that when my Mom passed away I had no woulda, shoulda, couldas.
LOVE abunduntly. LOVE fully. LOVE will never fail.
I miss her and love her always.
So on my 2nd Mother’s Day without my Mom here, I can say I am better than last year-at least I am not under my bed. I am thankful for that. Cheers to my fab Mom!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fab women out there!


In one word- AWESOMENESS.
We actually call them Weekends of Love (okay that is what I call them)
It gives us time to get away, reconnect, not do housework or in this case now baby stuff.
We get to hang, pig out, have mini adventures and the like.
We try to have one every few months and we even did them before the wedding. Our last one was Feb. for hubby’s bday weekend. And boy was I sick the entire weekend.
It is cool staying in a hotel 2-3 days, not cleaning, lounging, vegging out.
-Find a hotel you love and join their rewards program. We stay at Hyatt because we banked loads of points due to having our wedding there.
-Be loose with plans. Hard for me to say since I plan everything, but no need for a rigid agenda.
-Electronics–our rule is: if we are not doing something together. So dinner-NO. But one of us sleeping then yep feel free.
-Get cute!!! Cute PJs, cute outfits for dinner, etc. Treat it like a real vacay. Sweats are a no no in our house (I wear Hello Kitty pants and Victoria’s Secret yoga pants)
-Talk, laugh, play and ENJOY. Keep it fab!!!

Malcolm X’s Grandson

I am feeling some kind of way about the death of Malcolm X’s grandson. Malcolm Shabazz was a troubled youth with a young adult life riddled with stints in jail, accusatory / biased interviews and a male heir left behind to fill the shoes and walk in the footsteps of one our most celebrated and feared leaders.
Born to Qubilah, X’s second oldest daughter, Malcolm had a pretty unsturdy childhood. His grandmother, Betty Shabazz, widow of X, took him in to ensure a proper education, love and training. While bored one night with nothing to do and searching for attention, Malcolm started a fire that resulted in his grandmother being hospitalized for 3rd degree burns because she was looking for him inside of the home. She passed away a few weeks later. He was 12 years old.
It seems that in later interviews Shabazz showed great remorse and hoped to get his life on track. Even though he was never forgiven by some of his aunts for the tragic death of his grandmother, he was held in high esteem and worth by the likes of Denzel Washington, Russell Simmons, just to name a few.
His death seems to be the result of a robbery. But, he was robbed a long time ago by a society that throws black males into the system-no matter who they are (or who their grandaddies are)-and it allows their core and their souls and hearts to harden in a way where injustice and negativity will always find a home.
He passed away in Tijuana, Mexico at the age of 28. No details yet on a funeral. One has to wonder why this isn’t being considered MAJOR news. One has to wonder what is the actual cause of death. The point is — the small group of people who are wondering this, myself included, need to join together to get answers. Link to blogs that have this story-tweet about it-our voices have to be heard. The comments that follow various USA Today articles about this are absolutely disgusting and just show how much of a minority we really are in America.
RIP. Peace and Love. Hopefully all he has been searching for his entire life is in his grandad’s arms in Heaven.
Respectfully fab.

Virgin Drinks

My hubby and I go out A Lot. I was his partner in crime, drinking buddy, funtime girl…now I am pregnant and no drinks for me. So that also is making me a designated driver :/ Boo twice.
Anyhoo, I order virgin frozen somethings when we go out so we laugh, take pics, and I don’t feel completely left out. (I kind of do, but I don’t tell him)
Due to my vast love and affinity for Mexican food -even before pregnancy- I get to have lots of frozen goodies!!!! Yum 😉
Problem is many restaurants may not have frozen specialties because they do not have blenders!!! They need to get with the times. I think the same way restaurants have a healthy eating right menu and kids’ menu-they should cater to preggos. They would get my $$$.
Have a fab cinco de mayo!