Queen Sugar Season 2 Ep 2 

Setting- about a week after the arrest of Micah.

Ralph Angel goes to visit Darla at work and seems slightly gentlemanly and pushy at the same time. Am I forgiving him for his fineness?!? Probably.

Nova has started a Community Bail Fund and is peddling at Barber Shops. I find it interesting she uses her sexuality with the brothers, but doesn’t appear to get down with them.

Charley has to go to divorce mediation and deal with Davis.
Blue is getting sooooo big and independent. I like how they include things Blue used to do with his grandfather. It shows Ralph Angel how much bonding happened when he was locked up.

Ralph Angel goes to the bank and sees that Charley has made an amendment to the withdrawals and it requires her signature too. He needs to just come clean. Seriously!

Ralph Angel and Remy have a heart to heart if you will. Ralph Angel wants to plant the soybean crop and Remy tells him maybe he should try and get his own loan. Ralph Angel is testy and easily frustrated even with Nova.

During the divorce mediation Davis drops the big shocker that he wants to speak to Charley alone. Ummm excuse me, loser- no thanks! She thinks he wants to revisit the division of assets, but nope, this clown wants joint custody. Who in the devil’s hell would give this goof troop freaking joint custody. Talking about he wants to raise Micah. This guy is for real the epitome of the worst.

When Charley calls Micah and he tells her he wants some space I could not deal. Talk about heartbreak. Lord! She wants to help, protect and secure him and now he won’t talk about the police indident, apparently wants to be with Davis (I think it is a lie) and is shutting her completely out.

WAIT. SUPER PAUSE. Nova slept with the barber. Ok then.

Aunt Vi finds out from the fast tail girl at the restaurant that there was an explosion on Hollywood’s rig. Fear and panic literally the two main emotions. Aunt Vi calls and his voicemail picks up and of course we get flung to a dang commercial. I swear you have to watch on DVR because no one has time for commercials.

If Micah don’t get his fool butt out if here slowing down the bus LOL

Blue is so well-mannered. He just colors and plays with his Barbie in his own little world. When Darla fusses at him, his Daddy explains to him that this is all new for them. I am rooting for them. Their little family dynamic is cute.

I am completely here for Charley’s outfit. The lace, the pearls, the gunmetal polish. But why is she calling her mama?!?!!

YESSSSS! Ralph Angel ordering a sundae for Blue’s doll. I am literally dancing around my living room. We know to outsiders and chauvinists it is a doll and Blue shouldn’t have it. But, that doll is Blue’s support, confidant and has played the role of his mom. Go Ralph Angel- I totally forgive you for all your funny acting ways earlier.

Poor Remy. Charley is such an insensitve little dweeb ball. Always about herself. He invited her in to his deceased wife’s grandmother’s house. I am so damn lost. This scene does give us the background about what happened to his wife. So then this freaking show has Remy’s story of death going on at the same time of the bus coming back in town and Vi losing her damn mind about Hollywood. Charley finds out how much her Dad helped Remy with his grief. His wife passed 4 years ago in Afghanistan. I think this is super important and I hope it makes her realize she needs to stop using him. The man is hurting and she is not helping. As his story wraps up and we are all expecting the worst-Hollywood gets off the bus and it is alllll the feels. Yayyayayyayyy. *throws confetti and attempts a cartwheel*

Micah goes to Nova’s rally and maybe he will find a male mentor in that crowd because his Daddy -shakes head and rolls eyes at the fool.

Ralph Angel doesn’t want to tip the waiter and also doesn’t have the money. Darla steps in and leaves a tip saying they need to set an example for Blue.

Remy apologizes for his part in rushing Charley and maybe, just maybe, they will work out. He has all of the knowledge she needs for farming and he is genuinely interested in her. He advises her to grieve her marriage. I remember my mom saying divorce was like death so maybe there is some truth to it.

Micah hugging his aunt and the flashing police lights- amazing artistry- amazing end to the show. Pray for Micah.

So damn happy Queen Sugar is back!

xoxo, Fabmommy


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