Teacher Appreciation

Super cute Google image right? 

So, Teacher Appreciation Week for me is two-fold. One, because I am a teacher and two, because I want my son to celebrate his teachers. 

I have ZERO recollection of this in high school and don’t remember doing diddly for the many teachers who were super important in my life. This week my school gave us donuts and coffee, mini massages, a can of Mountain Dew, an ice cream sundae party and cafeteria inspired cinco de mayo snacks. Our students who were in business classes took pictures with their favs and posted to twitter (easily the cutest part of the week). I say all of this to say- I didn’t really feel APPRECIATED. 

People have no idea how hard we work. The endless questions (that usually have ZIPPO to do with your lesson), the requests: Band-aids, lotion, cell phone chargers, bathroom, nurse, food, $, and all kinds of other foolywang, the tears, their hormones, the breakups and drama, the paperwork and lets not forget the parents- oh the parents. Some are amazing and some simply aren’t. The level of creativity and acting when you are a good teacher is frankly exhausting. Imagine being in a classroom of 30 kids who have cell phones and Snapchat at the ready in their hands all while you are trying to explain the importance of subject verb agreement and why you should not use to be verbs. Come on! Education has changed drastically and it takes mounds of energy to keep those little buggers engaged. Not to mention coming home and being a wife and mom and totally making sure a threenager doesn’t scribble all on my students’ work. 

But, guess what- I wouldn’t change it. My days are funny, hilarious, hysterical and even though sometimes I feel like I work at the zoo and I am spinning my wheels, I appreciate myself- for all that I do, all that I give, all that I help, assist, chastise, destroy, build, bless, grow and cultivate. 

So seeing as how the official week according the Internet is next week- I must prepare to make sure the teachers at my son’s school know just how much he cares and we (my husband and I) care for all they do and give him on a daily basis. 

Hug a teacher. Shoot an e-mail to an old teacher, donate to classrooms, if you see a teacher sitting in Starbucks or Panera grading like a fool- buy them a coffee. Trust me, they would appreciate it. 




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