Black and White

I was a nervous wreck the day of our first ultrasound. I didn’t know what to expect. They shut my husband out of the room. And not to mention they made me drink enough water to fill the Beluga tank at the Shedd Aquarium.

I was laying on the table, twisting my neck all kinds of ways to see what the baby was doing. The technician was very serious about her job and while she was nice – I wouldn’t exactly call her friendly- either way, the room was quiet with the exception of my heart beating a kabillion times per minute.

She then says, “Look, there is your baby right there.” I looked and sure enough there was this little smudge with a fast beating heart (just like me). She left out of the room to go and get my husband and when he came in all of his coolness went out of the window. “Oh my god! There is the baby! Did you just see it move? You have to give me a picture of this!”

The technician played him really quickly since pictures are apparently so passe at our dr’s office and told him he would get a CD. She then asked him to leave in a bit of an abrupt manner because she wanted to do an internal ultrasound because she thought she saw something.

“I need you to go to the bathroom and come right back.” I rushed into the bathroom, peed like a maniac, did not wash my hands -I admit- and ran back in the room. “What’s wrong,” I really needed to know. “I think it might be twins.”

“Girl, stop playing.” Yes, I called the tech girl and if you knew my mother it would all make sense.

She checked- NO TWINS PRAISE GOD- not that twins are wack, but we have twin nephews, twin cousins and twin God daughters so ummm yeah I pass. She just saw the outline of the little amniotic sac.

My little smudge was sleeping away while I lost my wits and it was easily one of the top five days of my entire 33 years 🙂



Happy New Year

Ummm yeah in the house, knocked out sleep with a growing baby. My hubby woke me up at 11:45 and then I went right back to sleep. Very different from last year. But, different in a very good way 😉

2013 is going to be AMAZERS!!!