Queen Sugar Season 2 Ep 1

It is Micah’s Bday and Juneteenth for this week’s setting. 

Nova still swirling it up LOL like ALLLLL THE TIME! Geez girl. 

Charley is working on a bank loan that she can only get with Davis being her partner. This leads Remy to understanding he needs to ice her. It is evident because besides those little two minutes, we don’t see him for the rest of the episode. 

Ralph Angel informs Darla when they are out at the farm that he hasn’t told his sisters anything yet and he works out a deal to get equipment repaired while his sister Charley is frustrated he didn’t let them get new equipment. She won’t let him catch a break, but Aunt Vi and Nova seem to have his back. 

Poor Aunt Vi misses Hollywood so much, but can barely admit it. She is FB stalking him and calling him. Fingers crossed these two get it figured out. 

Micah being arrested. Heart racing!!! He posed no threat to that old wrinkled ass police officer. The mere fact he was pulled over in front of a cemetery shows the depth and use of imagery of the writers on this show. With the climate in today’s society with police and black men and with everything going on with all these damn acquittals, I applaud how the show displays injustice and the Marxist element in conjunction with race. It is clear that regardless of money- Micah was still driving while black. 

Davis- Captain Butthole. He is just annoying inside and out. I am happy Aunt Vi lit him up. Unfortunately, his status is what helps the sisters find Micah in jail then it continues to give him this whole cape concept. I am over him. 

Charley- digging the highlights. She is still harsh and mean. Not softened in the least and now that Remy isn’t fooling with her personally, only professionally, I am sure she will become even more bitter and crazed. Just wait til ol fine a** Ralph Angel drops the bomb about that letter. 

Speaking of which, I feel like Ralph Angel slightly rubbed me the wrong way when he knocked Darla about going to her meetings. He was then supportive, but I don’t think he understands what she has to do for herself in order to be what he wants for himself. 

Darla realizes that she needs to do what she needs to do and Ralph Angel selfishly asks, “Are you breaking up with me?” Men. I swear. 

Charley is bat crap crazy forging Davis’s signature in order to get the loan for the mill. Lets all pray she doesn’t get locked up for that stunt. 

Keep watching. Fabmommy


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