No sippy cup- the rest of the week update. 

Things got really bad, but eventually better. Night 4 was the worst night of all. I think he wanted an Oscar or a BET Award or something. The last two nights have been better, not awesome, better. He went from being a kid who woke allllll the damn time to having a sleeping stint last night from 3:23 am until 8:15 am. In this house that is a Christmas miracle Tiny Tim! 

I am a lot more tired and exhausted because he is crying, fretting, flipping around and whatnot. I believe in progress and we have made some. It is far from perfect, but around these parts my life focuses on Grace, not perfection. 

I have modified the plan a bit and allow one cup at 3 am. I figure hell, that isn’t terrible in comparison to what was going on and frankly if he can go from 8 pm til 3 am with no cup then I am proud of him for that. I will drop that cup eventually. It has a splash of milk anyway so maybe he will give up on it. 

So cheers. Cheers to figuring things out. Cheers to babies growing up. Cheers to mommies working hard. Cheers to daddies realizing it. And most of all- cheers to the holiday wknd.