What in the entire heck…Queen Sugar Episode 5

This week- Nova and Boo get into it about her writing a front page story about the police force. He is upset about the fact that he decided to sneak her into the hospital and she used the patient as writing material. Boo is mad because he comes from a police family. They both have a good argument- police families pray their families return and black families pray their families return= stalemate. Later, Nova is selling weed to some dude with thot dots at her door when Boo shows up. He lets her know that she is a PART OF THE PROBLEM by selling weed to the boys she wrote about. They have weed on them- get busted by the cops- get time. DAMN. Oh and Boo loves her apparently. And he called her a peddler. So many one liners in the show! He tells her she never wanted a relationship, which is why he was chosen since he is a white married cop. He tells her she only wanted company. She asks for her key. He obliged. Funny how he is concerned about his feelings, but not his wife’s. Duh. 

Charley is dealing with various scenarios. Micah obviously needs to interview for another private school since he is currently a Beauty School Dropout. This crazy wife / manager goes to Goldy’s house and she is living large and in charge BTW. They exchange words- one of the main ones being “raped”. Charley basically tells the chick to beat it and the chick tells Charley – nope. I think she goes to the house as the wife though and not the manager. Only to be told that she doesn’t know anything about her husband. Womp. Womp. The attorney is frustrated with her for doing this and actually goes as far to compare Davis to OJ. WTH! She wants and needs a tractor for the farm and finds out from Remy that a tractor is 200k. The farm manager that Remy finds is mean as an old rattlesnake and does not want to help AT ALL. Charley lets people get the best of her at the auction and doesn’t try to get her dad’s tractor back. Remy gets frustrated because she wastes $ and tells her no one will respect her going forward. The farm manager quits and Remy apologizes and lets her know he purchased her dad’s tractor. Super sweet. Micah’s dad is frustrated because his son isn’t chasing up behind him. Micah calls his mom because he needs to get away from the media and Becky with the good hair. They agree to move South temporarily. When the phone rings again Charley thinks it is her son BUT it is Goldy who wants 3 million. Yes. Three. Million. And she wants to talk to Davis face to face. Super crazy! Three. Million. Dollars. These prostitutes out here set tripping. FOR REAL. 

Aunt Vi is dealing with this young fool who thinks he can boss her around and talk to her any kind of way. He embarrasses her in front of her girlfriends as they were hanging out and talking about #blackgirlmagic -In the meantime Hollywood’s “wife” played by Maxine Shaw- ha, I mean – Erika Alexander, is in the daggone psych ward. She is bi-polar and suicidal. She wants him and he is only letting her use his health insurance. He has clearly moved on and he convinces his “wife” to just be that on paper for medical purposes. Vi is completely unaware of this scenario and is already having a terrible day when she calls him thinking he is at work when he is actually at the hospital. She goes home and gets high with her nieces. Weed provided by Nova- who also admits she is bisexual in a strange way that almost seems like this small southern family is ok with Nova’s sexuality. Aunt Vi quits her job after telling the fake DeBarge boss she needs to quit in order to save his life. I laughed. Then watched that part again. LOL. 

Ralph Angel – in all his fine glory- has his check shortened by 8 hours and is told, “Freedom ain’t free” by his boss. The dude who already mixed him up with the bogus sugar cane is trying to convince him to wiggle and worm and steal. He tells him no! This dude is just super shady. The dude slips product in his bag in the locker and Ralph Angel- in all his fine glory takes it. I wanted to throw the remote at the TV! 

Great episode. More analysis and characterization. Beautiful camera angles. Man vs. nature, society, man, himself and moral are all evident conflicts. What’s next?!? I SWEAR RALPH ANGEL IS GONNA GET CAUGHT. 

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5 thoughts on “What in the entire heck…Queen Sugar Episode 5

  1. I definitely enjoyed the scene with Nova and Boo because they both have great points. I think Nova is starting to realize that she’s a part of the problem but doesn’t really want to admit it.

    Charlie had balls to go confront that girl in such a high profile situation. I was kinda proud of her until that whole situation with the bidding then I’m like she got played smh.

    RA makes me nervous. He just can’t get it right!!

    Overall I’m really enjoying this show. I think it really has good directing and writing and hits some important issues.

    Thanks for the recap.

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