Reasons. Seasons. Lifetime. 

Change is hard. Change is good. At the end of the day- change is DIFFERENT! 

Everyone has heard the saying that is the title of this post and it is applicable to life in many ways. Clears throat-men, friends, jobs, stylists, co-workers and in the case of my household: daycare. 

My son is 2.9 1/2 and in annoying Mom terms he will be 3 at the end of August LOL. For the last 2.3 years of his short life he has been in one school. A school that saved us from a season of at home day care, a school that has nurtured developed and been a part of his many firsts. A school that has opened its doors and the teachers their hearts for my sweet boy. And now his time is done there. 

I have watched and learned and figured out his method of learning and engagment. I have discovered his method of “trouble” and decisions that lead to him not listening. My husband has been frustrated. I have been frustrated. And the best decision is for him to go somewhere else. I will forever love his school and his teachers have been awesome, but as his mom I know he needs something more. Learn by play isn’t cutting it for my little smarty pants. 

I am filled with apprehension and anxiety, but I am always like that. I am concerned about him making friends, liking the staff, learning and being ok. No one ever tells you about the worry and gray hairs from the first two years of being a mom. Big ol sigh. 

I have faith. I have support and I know that he will LOVE his new school. Plus, I can watch them online whenever I want, which I think is a plus and minus for me. Well them. I mean me. 🙂 

I hope that my reason for choosing this new season for his life will build memories that will last a lifetime. That is all I can ask for, pray for and seek. 

xoxo- Fabmommy


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