No sippy cups. Nights 2 &3. 

Well, the fact that he “gets it” is the problem now. Big sigh. 

Night two- while it still wasn’t terrible or anything like stories that I have heard, it was still a pain in my behind. He went down with no problems, but that has always been the case. When he didn’t get a cup for his first wake up around 11:30, he was PISSED. He let me know it too. A lot more shrieking, screeching howler monkey behavior and overall having me question why I was making all of us suffer. BUT, it only lasted maybe 3-4 minutes, which is the good part. There was some random talking in his sleep around 3 am, but he didn’t rouse himself and slept until the morning. 

Night three- Lord, last night, I wanted to run away from home. Problem is-his logic has kicked in. So with me saying, “no more milk” he decided to ask for everything under the sun: juice, Gatorade, juice box and even hot coffee (he helps my husband with his every morning). He went down late though at 9:15. I simply lost track of time. He woke up at 11:52 and cried and begged for random beverages until 11:58. Fell asleep. Woke back up at 12:30 acting like a complete fool and having a meltdown about his ceiling fan being on and Woody from Toy Story not having on a blanket. He finally went back down at 1:15. It was madness. He wasn’t crying. He was just up. Plotting. Against. Me. The next encounter wasn’t until 4:08 and it lasted all of four minutes, but it was loud as all hell. 

Overall, I am super amazed by the progress. I am tired though. He used to get a cup and go right back to sleep. Now all the night time shenanigans are foolish. I know he will get better and better as it goes on. I didn’t bend. He did not get a cup!!! I guess I am proud of the both of us. 🙂 




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