No sippy cups. Night one. 

So, truth is: My son has NEVER slept through the night his entire life. Nope, never. And a huge part and component of that comes from his baby dictator demands of having milk at night. 

I know. I know. I am pretty smart, have read the research, spoken with his pediatrician & dentist, had countless arguments with my husband, hell, I even paid a baby sleep site to develop a sleep plan for him. All which have been epic failures. I had to do what I had to do for me and my household to function. He has slept with me since day one and I just never felt the timing was right. And timing is everything with anything when it comes to children. If you have kids you know what I am talking about; if you don’t, you will see. 

In December, I created a bottle fairy and slowly but surely got rid of bottles. He was 28 months old and I swore this child would be going to kindergarten with bottles. We celebrated that small, yet meaningful victory, but bottles were simply replaced with cups. At the beginning of this month I took him out of my bed and we began sleeping in his room (which he never does and has a full sized bed). That has been successful with him not wanting to even nap in my bed on the weekend. So another high five for me from me 🙂

Last night I told him as I have been saying lately, “no more cups tonight” but something in me meant it last night. A. He is about to be 3 in exactly 2 months. B. We have travel plans soon. C. He is starting a new school in a few wks and needs to be happy and jolly. D. My husband was going to be off 3 days and I wasn’t sending the kid to school Monday. Everything aligned. I knew he would be exhausted no matter how good or bad it went so he needs to not be in school while this is starting in my opinion. 

It wasn’t bad. I would say maybe a 4/10. Yippppppeee. Throws alllll the confetti. He went down at 8:45. Woke up at 11:40. I said no cups. He cried. Expected. He yelled for his dad. Expected. His dad came in the room. Not expected. We switched for an hour, but once I heard random conversations I went back in. Of course his dad engaged him because he usually doesn’t deal with him at night. So I gave him the peace sign and prepared myself for the worst. He stayed up until 2:15. He would cry here and there, maybe a minute, but he has never been big on crying like that so he spent most of the time pouting and scratching his nails on the wall. Annoying. He woke up at 3:23- I gave him a cup because at that point it had been 7 hours since he had one and I wanted him to get some type of rest and as of right now at 7:44 -he is still asleep. 

Sure there were tears (few), a LOT more squirming than I thought and some frustration on my part, but we did it. And this is a kid who was getting 4 cups a night. (don’t judge me your kid probably will have a pacifier til 5!) 

I know my post is long, probably because of a mix of adrenaline and delirium. Cheers to tonight. Pray for me. And also hope that any ambulance or jerkface who blows their car horn at 3 am is not on the scene. 

A Sleepy Fabmommy


2 thoughts on “No sippy cups. Night one. 

  1. That’s awesome!!! That’s a major accomplishment!!! Like you said Charod will make the full leap when he’s ready but it seems that he’s already well on his way!! Yay for major victories!!!!!

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