Hey Friends, 

Long time no read, right! 

Well, life has been busy (aren’t we all). Potty training, looking for a new daycare, bday plans, travel plans, home renovations, finishing up work, MIL visits and all that regular old life stuff has been happening. I am tired just typing it. 

In the midst of it all is a whole bunch of CLUTTER. I pride myself on being organized-totally- and 99% of the time I am. Right now I am still extremely organized, but the clutter has my mind and house bursting at the seams. I need to get rid of baby stuff, I need to reorganize, I need to go through my Mom’s paperwork–still. Sad face, I know. 

I am a tiny bit of a nostalgic hoarder -total disclosure- and have a tendency to hold on to so many things that have some type of meaning. I keep receipts from important dates, newsletters that feature the baby, ticket stubs, everything. As a scrapbooker I need those things. As a busy mom thos “things” are driving me nuts. I also have tons of projects in my head and buy the items I need for the projects and haven’t had time to get to them yet. 

I have been reading a lot about the Konmari Method and even though I know I won’t do it full throttle, I may implement tiny bits of it in my home and here is a tip explaining how you can too. With Konmari, you can not go through someone else’s things so sorry you have to keep your husband’s crap. BUT, you can go through household things. The premise is to gather everything of likeness and put it in one spot so you can see how much of it you have and dispose properly (trash, donations, friends, etc.) 

For instance, pens- go through your home, gather all of your pens, put them on the dining room table and PURGE!!! I am sure you have 82625483 pens. Just watch and see. 

Happy Cleaning. 

As I work my way through this, I will keep up with blog posts to show results. 




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