Burn the Highlight Reel 

The Life of a Fab Mommy was created to show all of these super cool deals, aspects of motherhood and relationships, DIY, recipes and just the fun of my life. 

This week my life is CRAZY. 



I haven’t opened my beloved planner since Tuesday. It is now Sunday morning. I have had one of those weeks at work with a lot of meetings and a lot of randomness just wrestling with my time. I won’t even go back and write anything in- oh except for the baby getting a new teacher and her drama. 

I had my coupons and lists ready for Target and Walgreens, but never made it so since it is Sunday those sales are over :/ 

BUT, Target has a $25 giftcard when you spend $100 on baby crap and I definitely won’t miss that!!!

I left work early Friday because of my fried chicken stomach ache (will explain in a future post), came home, slept, got the baby, let him eat Wendy’s and just lounged around pretending to play with him. My husband came in and had zippo sympathy, not even knowing I was scared out of my wits this time and even called my Dad to come babysit-he was on a plane though. Womp. Womp. 

Get to Saturday morning where my overly advantageous bestie and I signed up for training like eons ago at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. On a positive note: we learned a LOT, had yummy lunch, weather was nice, bought our babies stuff, got Garretts and figured out a plan to bring them back this summer. On a less positive note: I felt like shit and it was early as hell. Oh and my husband cut all of my baby’s beautiful curls off of his head. Insert sad face and pissed face  emoji. 

Ummm yeah and my MIL will be in town Tuesday until further notice because her BFF passed away and my house looks like the foolywang of my life and I am in the bed blogging and perusing sales papers online – only because when I purposely stopped at the gas station to get my Sunday paper yesterday, they hadn’t been delivered yet. I know I need to get up and clean, but how and why Sway?!?! 

Long as hell. I know. I need a maid. A pedicure. A drink. A nanny. A massage. And an organizer.

In the midst of all the madness I did manage to get my taxes done and wash, but not fold three loads of clothes. Kind of yay me. Nope. Not really. 

blahhhhhh- Fabmommy


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