The Real Housewives of Potomac

Here for it!!! 

I admittedly am a fan of reality TV, but it totally depends on the show. Not a fan of Survivor, The Bachelor, Big Brother, American Idol and things of that nature. The Love and Hip Hop franchise has lost my interest because I am convinced they are a triangle of STDs.  I keep up with RHOA to stay in the loop, BUT low and behold, RHOP fell in my lap and I LOVE IT!

I am down for any show with a bunch of uppity black women discussing the rules of etiquette and appropriate behavior – all while lacking etiquette and being completely inappropriate. I love social circles and philanthropy, sequins and bourgeois behavior. The show is a hilarious oxymoron of life, sprinkled with all these “rules” from ‘Aunt Dot’ the matriarch of Karen’s married family (and Karen is the self-appointed queen bee who is technically mean as a rattle snake and her one liners are zingers I tell you). 

Robyn is gorgeous, but her voice offsets her looks because it is deep as hell. She is cool, dresses cute and has a ridiculous marital situation. 

Charrisse— mmmmm questionable hair- needs a Chi flat iron and has a nutso scenario with her husband. She is deemed as the paragon of what is wrong and right and it slayed my soul in both episodes. 

Katie is a sweet pea- maybe a bit naive. Not all the way sure yet. She is a black Jewish girl and the other girls swear up and down black people can’t be Jewish (they are slow), she has 3 babies-like babies yall! A white boy boyfriend who loves her kiddos – she swears he is going to marry her and a banging body considering- she has 3 babies! 

Ashley- Lord, Ashley. She is 26 married to an old white man and in lovewith his accent. He looks like zippo though. He isn’t the guy from The Thomas Crowne Affair. She is veryyyyyy unrefined so you know this circle is throwing her into the lion’s den. 

And I saved my fav for last- Gizelle! Come through Gizelle. She is a hybrid of Evelyn and I was the BIGGEST Evelyn from Bball Wives fan – I even channeled her in a situation and scenario at a dinner before, but I digress- she is Evelyn and Vanessa Williams all twirled into one. Very pretty. Takes no prisoners. She did have one weave / wig that had me concerned. She has 3 daughters and an ex who cheated. She goes pedicured toe to pedicured toe with Karen. She has a little edge to her, which is awesomesauce. 

Lets get some convo going- you watching or what??? 

Bravo tonight after RHOA

You can even come back here and comment. 



2 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of Potomac

  1. As your fellow Reality Show Junkie, of course I have watched the show. Your description of the ladies is dead on. I love how they present themselves as these refined ladies, but are so far from it. My favorite is Gizelle as well. I love how she follows her own rules and does not follow the “prescribed” rules of Potomac, even though she was raised there and most of the other ladies just married well. She truly does not give a f@#k! Good stuff!

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