Life. Resolutions. Changes. 

Hey peeps! How is your new year going so far? Resolutions??? Sticking to them? 

For me, I wanted to focus on a few lifestyle changes and do it in two month increments. I am a super duper planner and planning something for me to do the entire year, while feasible, is lofty and may not work with my schedule, brain power and child. 

January’s goals: pull credit reports for me and hubby ✔️ eat salads 4-5 times a week so I don’t feel guilty about my love of fries with mild sauce✔️ don’t pack pop or juice with my lunch which forces me to drink water because everyone knows I am not going alllll the way to the lounge to get a Pepsi✔️check in on my friends and family with genuine interest and taking time to nurture relationships that matter✔️ and I am working on a better grocery budget because we basically spend WAY too much on food for the three of us. 

See – not over the top crazy. I have handled it. And I am cool. 

Next month I plan on implementing a small workout routine. I mean I am 36 and this girlish figure is getting a smidge more womanly LOL. I also will work on some of my Mom’s paperwork that I have been putting off for 4 1/2 years and need to really get a handle of that corner of my closet. My space can’t be peaceful because I don’t have peace in that area. I am also working on a few house projects 🙂 

Just checking in on you all. Hope your resolutions and / or changes are in motion. 

Happy MLK Day. 




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