Golden Globe Awards

I am sure many of you are like me and get a kick out of awards season. Well, it starts tonight. 

I love awards season. I ALWAYS watch the Red Carpet and swoon over the looks. I usually have a drink -or two- and snacks as I am watching. My mom and I used to watch together and my grandmother would call and say, “Did you just see such and such!” 

It has always been a good time in my book. 

Instagram is pretty cool during awards shows and twitter as you can get live feedback and hilarious opinions from other people watching. 

Interesting thing about the Golden Globes tonight- I have not seen a whole lot of what has been nominated, but that is fine by me. I love the “Globes” because it isn’t a super stuffy show, way more laid back and chill and everyone seems to be having a genuine good time. I am sure the magnums of champagne help 😉

Enjoy tonight!




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