Planning Made Easy

Enjoy $10 off with that link. 

New Year, New You! Boo 😉

So plan it out. 

I know many people search for countless ways to get organized. 

I have used planners probably since junior high. I started using an Erin Condren vertical life planner in 2014 and I love it. I have multiple covers and am finalllllly finding what the planning girls refer to as ‘planner peace’. 

So Erin Condren rocks in some aspects and in some others seems to be a teeny bit shaky. Yes, I have had some issues within the last year and a half, but I will say this- their customer service figures it out. Even if it takes multiple tries. 😉 

EC is super awesome because you can change your covers whenever you want. So holidays-check. Birthday month-check. Seasons-check. Anniversary month-check. That part is super awesome. And then there is the loyalty program. Order 5x-boom here is $25 off. Who does that??? But wait, there is more.  Order 10x $50 off and 20x a freaking $100 off!!! Talk about a wow and win win! 

The only thing is shipping is a bit pricey so I tend to not order one thing when I do order. I have gotten to 10 orders and am eyeing the address book as my next purchase. 

Yay you! Happy planning! 




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