Need to Cook? Lasagna…mmmmmm!

Hey guys,

I know. SURPRISE! 

I am giving you a special treat- maybe you can make it for NYE. I am an awesome cook (pats back) I get it from my Momma (Jay-Z voice) BUT, the problem is I typically (code for never) use recipes. 

My hair stylist has asked a few times for my lasagna recipe and I made a point to write down what I did the last time I made it. So, here you go. 


1 lb ground turkey

1 med onion

1 med green pepper

1 garlic (you will use to your liking) 

1 container Ricotta cheese

1 box Barilla lasagna noodles 

2 bags of Cheese I prefer Kraft mozz and Italian cheese blend 


Roma tomatoes



(All veggies are up to you)

Seasonings-italian, oregano, garlic powder, lawrys, pepper and sugar or honey (1 tablespoon of that for sweetness)

3 15 oz cans tom sauce I prefer Hunt’s

1 can tom paste same as above

What to do-

Saute garlic, onion & green pepper

Boil noodles

Add ground turkey to veggies and brown

Clean and Dice veggies and spinach

Add tom sauce and paste w seasonings to browned ground turkey

Be careful w noodles sticking together I usually do 12

Spray glass casserole dish

*mix a bit of your sauce w the ricotta cheese in a bowl to make it less clumpy

Layer noodles, meat sauce, ricotta mixture, veggies, cheese and repeat. 

Put in oven on 350 1 hr cover loosely w foil

Take foil off last 15 minutes

* I usually put the casserole dish on a cookie sheet for leaking

Yay you!!! 



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