Why Target Gets All of My Cash

Red carts. Check

Dollar Spot. Check

5% off with my Redcard. Check

Cartwheel. Check 

And heck if I want Pizza Hut. Check LOL

Target is the bee’s knees. Everything about Target’s coupon policy makes it super duper awesome sauce. Now we won’t discuss my balance on my card, but I will discuss coupons and Cartwheel. 

To date, I have saved $407.65 with Cartwheel. Yes, you read that correctly. Here is how. I typically shop based off of my Cartwheel selections. So if I see something 30% off that I definitely know I will use – to Target I go. It really hypes me up if I have a coupon for said item. And currently during the holiday season, they feature a toy daily for 50% off and this year’s selections have been great! 

As for coupons- you can stack mobile, Target, manufacturer’s and Cartwheel for added savings. All in all, a WIN WIN scenario! 

And if you have a Redcard (credit or debit) you get an additional 5% off. Often times, I split my payments especially if I am purchasing items that earn me gift cards because I use them on the next transaction. 

If you need anymore Target tips- comment. 

*FYI- clearance is typically final when it ends in a 4

Fab shopping!!!



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