What’s the Haps????

With so much going on and a sick toddler running around- my resurrected blog went to the back burner. I have to get better. I know this and I will.

So, this post is pretty much what used to be my WTH Wednesday that focused on the crazy happenings in the world and life.

Baltimore- #blacklivesmatter need I say more? If you haven’t googled or have been under a rock then you need to be fully versed in what is going on there. It is so unfortunate that these situations keep popping up, but I also find it interesting that something that has always been going on between SOME police and SOME black men is in the forefront of our news.

Daphne Oz- my girl from The Chew is preggers again and totes adorbs. They also won a Daytime Emmy, which I think they totally deserve because I DVR the show and LOVE IT!

Dinner at Tffani’s – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show. SO good. Her recipes are easy and awesome. She is funny and her guests are people we are familiar with – like Brandon from 90210 *swoon*

Bruce Jenner- the interview left me feeling really sad for him and for people who can not be happy in their own skin, whether it be sexuality, weight, race, what have you- every person deserves to be happy and to cloak yourself in a lie upwards of 50 years is total sadness. Best of luck headed his way.

STARBUCKS- Frap HappyHour is back starting Friday from 2-5 or 6 if you are down with the rewards. Yay! So excited. My goal is to try the Smores one even though I don’t like them in real life. But we shall see and on my IG-thelifeofafabmommy- I will post some pics of what I get. Laters!

That just about wraps this up for this week. I have a crap ton to do and I am starving.

xoxo and sparkle to you all on this Wednesday


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