There is a girl at daycare. Her name is Aubree. Charod is IN LOVE AND OBSESSED with this girl. At home she is all he talks about. If you mention the word school he looks up and says, “Aubree, Aubree” I usually tell him she is at home with her mommy or asleep. I would say he discusses her at least 20x between getting home at 4 and laying down by 8. Weekends are insane. 

The funny part of it all is that I ran into her Mom and she said that all Aubree talks about at home is “Rod”. Go figure. Two lil baby lovebirds 😣😣😣

How in the heck did this happen?!? Luckily she is a fab lil sweet thing and is super quiet and shy. So sweet! But I don’t like her being all about my baby! Don’t get it twisted. 



2 thoughts on “Aubree 

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