4 month appt.

Yesterday’s dr’s appt was pretty seamless.
Vaccines given with minimal crying and he sang himself to sleep in the car. He can be sooooo sweet (sometimes, well a lot of times, but still)
Discussion about his eczema. It has been suggested to get him a hazelwood necklace, but only put it on his ankle when he sleeps since he is so curious and wild.
She checked out the two teeth.
Also, life is all about purees now. He has been on rice cereal since Christmas day, but I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. (Another post). We will do one solid a week, starting on Sundays, check for allergies, then move on to the next food. I call food nummy nummies to him and I think he likes it all. Soooooooo. Drumroll. Please. Today he had sweet potatoes. They were a HUGE hit!
Fab appt, fab times. Come on 2014!


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