Formula Drama

About two weeks ago my little awesome ball of crazy baby was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. We were advised to switch his formula to soy formula with the understanding that 30% of babies who have the casein allergy could have this one as well.
Signs we saw:
-Even though he is 17 lbs he never increased his milk intake beyond 3 oz
-skin rashes developed and proceeded to get worse
-spitting up huge white chunks of formula (basically undigested)
-Itchy, itchy eyes

Once he was given the soy formula his skin cleared up within hours.
We thought we were in the clear. WRONG!!!
Once his body got used to the soy formula everything happened all over.
Next move-hypoallergenic formula.
Yep, $35 a can. Not covered by insurance (they don’t cover allergy related formula). I am not a HUGE fan of it because it is super thin resulting in endless hunger. The baby seems to be adjusting fine. Hard to tell since his devilish teeth are bothering him.

Maybe we will finally be fab in the formula lane!


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