Teething is the Devil

Ummm. So. Yeah.
No one warned me that it would create this restless little soul who is presently up at 3:07 am “talking”.
The devil I say.
Issue is this, my sweet little advanced cherub is an early teether. He cut his first tooth a few days ago. Yep, he isn’t 4 months yet. Now while I would usually jump for joy at this fantabulous milestone -the energy I need to jump is somewhere on the side of the road (probably next to my sanity).
My baby hasn’t been screaming and yelling. Nope. He has been a little fussbull, dissatisfied with life, sitting up for two hours in the middle of the night, restless drooling being of weirdom.
I am tired. I won’t even post about how my husband conveniently sleeps through most of it.
And to top it off, his other bottom tooth is coming in now. No, seriously. Gahhhhhhhhh!
Hoooooray for fab teeth and boo to how they get here.


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