Today has been rough. Aside from dealing with my FIL’s illness, the baby has lost ALL of his chill and marbles.
I will give you a quick glimpse.
I came home at 1 after going to Babies R Us and spending $159 and another $189 at Target.
I took the baby from my husband. He instantly kicked off his socks, smiled, laughed and sucked me in.
By 3:00 I decided we could head upstairs for a bottle. He played with it. At 3:50 he got interested and drank it. Cried and wailed. Then crashed at 4:04. I went to lay him in the Rock n Play and he SCREAMED. So, we co-slept and he woke at 6. He didn’t want to go back to sleep, but sucked down 3 oz. from 6-10:40 my life was nuts. He was clingy. Fighting his sleep. Crying. Wailing. Flailing. Cranky. He was awful. I cursed. Then I got mad that I did. I did eveything: gripe water, swing, Boppy, rocking, playing, singing, holding, paci, eating, bath time, cuddles—My head began to pound and I was at a loss. I let him cry from 10:17-10:24. It was awful. He had tears. He then drank an oz and passed out. (On me of course)
I hate growth spurts. I hate feeling like a bad mom. I hate not being able to help him.
Totally unfab day 😦


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