After Baby Drama

Ok. I am no fool. I know having a baby is a lot and will take its toll on a woman’s body. What I didn’t know was your body can go KABLEWWWWYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!
Here are the after baby issues I am facing-
1. My face looks like I am a teen again. Kind of like it did when I was about 12 wks pregnant. Hmmm, and he is almost 12 wks old. Anyhoo-back on my Green Tea Oil stuff from The Body Shop.
2. My hair is shedding. Shedding. Shedding. Insane amounts. My stylist says it is fine. I don’t think so ūüė¶ I am still taking my prenatal vitamin, trying to up my water and a Biotin supplement has been added.
3. Hormones!!! I have yet to have a cycle (that is bananas) but even more crazy is the amount I cry. Seriously. My hubs is freaked out. I cried the other day when Dwayne proposed to Whitley on A Different World and I have seen that episode 50/11 times.
4. And my nether regions–no comment.
My granny is trying to convince me to do a detox and I am kind of thinking about it. What do you think???
Because as of right now I have no clue as to how, when and where these issues will cease, get worse or stay the same.
Staying fab. One strand at a time. LOL


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