6 Week Growth Spurt

Last night SUCKED! I actually had the first moment of sheer exhaustion. Sure, I am tired as a new mom, but last night was different.
My husband had the baby and I was in bed watching them play. All of a sudden the baby looked at me and basically cried and squirmed until my husband gave him to me. That is when things went downhill.
He ATE all night. Bottle after bottle. I felt like I was overfeeding him. He wouldn’t burp or poop, but gassy than a mug. He squirmed and would fidget in every position. I got up with him and went to the couch. As I was walking and holding a squirmbox, I remembered the 6 wk growth spurt that I read about.
Medically and from other moms’ experiences, it is said to -have a fussier and much more hungry baby for a few days. They also poop less because they are absorbing the food for growth. As it ends he will sleep a lot, which is when he will grow. (I can’t wait)
In the meantime I am all about a nap with him right now.
Did any of you experience this? Let me know. This fab mom would like some advice.


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