10 minute naps

My little Pumpalump is 6 weeks old today. I can’t believe it! Time is flying by so quickly and I swear every single day this child is on his way to college.
My post-10 minute naps- real talk, I never knew I could sleep in such a phenomenal restful state within 10 dang minutes.
Someone loves me a whole lot and doesn’t care for being put down. This results in Mama having to rest quick! I close my eyes and drift off for 10 minutes because guess what something will happen: he will cry, grunt, poot, pee, poop, wiggle, squirm, stretch, anything and it will have me on edge, ready at all times. And you know what-that is fine by me.
I waited a long time to have a baby and based on my readings he can’t be spoiled right now 😉
I love his snuggles, I have adjusted to my 10 minute naps and it is all because of my devotion to him. He is awesome. So awesome that sleep seems stupid.
Super fab and barely rested. xoxo


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