So, before the Love and Hip Hop Reunion airs I still have commentary about the season finale.
Ummm-was I the only one who didn’t think that “Mimi had the last laugh”? I feel like she is just as much a part of the foolery as everyone else. What woman entertains those shenanigans? I feel like she accepts his gifts and plays into his mess and now she is supposed to be deemed as ‘above them’. Nope
Kirk and Preggo- that man needed to pay for high float because the latex balloons were dragging along 😉
But real talk, the constant defilement of the covenant of marriage is soooo ridiculous and sad. He needs to really grow up or go away.
Ok, that is it for now. I am sure I will sit here shocked in about 15 minutes.
2 weeks left til this kid arrives and staying fab is getting harder. Phewwww.


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