Bday Wishes

If you are like me when your bday rolls around you get super excited and amped up for the … Coupons!!! That is right bday coupons are so much fun. If you have any amount of sense you would be sure to sign up for the rewards cards for all the places you frequent. Here is my list and boy was the baby gonna be one happy camper:

Aurelios-free small pizza
Baskin and Robbins-free scoop
Carson’s-$25 off
Coldstone-free creation
Cooper’s Hawk-(local) free entree
DSW-$5 off (lame)
Express-$40 (but I am an A list member)
Grady’s Grill (local) free entree
Houlihan’s-free entree
Lou Malnati’s-free dessert
Macy’s gave me free shipping-side eye. There is ALWAYS free shipping on their site. Ick
Pappadeaux-free dessert
Sephora-Some full size samples and 15% off off
TGIFridays-free dessert
Ulta-double points entire bday month
Victoria’s Secret-$10 off

Yaysers. I still have to finish up using them by ummmm tomorrow LOL


Say what???

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