Ax or Ask???

Due to me being off of work I am able to watch the Trayvon Martin trial at my leisure. I watched, along with many others, with bated breath-hoping, waiting and wishing that the star witness from the prosecution was a smidge more polished. But then again, does it really matter??? Did her abrasive nature, ebonics, demeanor and lackluster media savviness cause more harm than good???
I am not quite sure yet. As I watched the cross examination by the defense attorney it seemed that Rachel Jenteal was not in full understanding of many questions, did not speak in a loud tone, did not enunciate her words, which caused her to repeat a lot and get way more defensive.
In a way-her “raw” quality may convince the jurors that she would not be able to make up a lot of this information. Then again, what will an all white jury (with one Latina) know and / or understand about a girl who is still in shock, an unwilling witness and clearly not versed in the King’s English who takes the witness stand and mumbles through her testimony?
We have to wait and see. In the meantime, this is a thought provoking time and my thought is this-make sure children are taught to speak clearly, enunciate and intonate. It is not “talking white” it is making sure your voice is heard, especially when that voice matters most.
Stay fab.


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