Pretty hard to be fab when you stay up all night. I used to get it in with sleep and lately because of the pregnancy I am not sleeping. Scratch lately-since my fateful day with that stick-I haven’t been sleeping.
I will be in a blissful sleep and I can turn the wrong way, open my eyes and be up for HOURS. My baby apparently is quite the night owl and goes to the ‘club’ every night about 1:40. It seems that ‘Baby Nightclub’ the unofficial nickname, kicks it hard then heads out about 4, goes to White Palace Grill (Chitown represent) and gives this unfab momma 2 – 2 1/2 hours of sleep.
Some nights are WAY better than others, but between bathroom breaks, Charley Horses, baby’s moves, pokes and digs, and just plain ol’ being uncomfortable-I rarely feel rested. Oy!!!! This is not a complaint at all because I love the baby…I just think of how much I used to love sleep too 😉
My Dr. says this may just be the baby’s sleep pattern. So someone better let little baby #turnup know momma needs her zzzzzzs please.
Counting sheep all night-Fabmommy


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