Why iCan’t, but I do with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Well, the show makes my head hurt half the time and the other half I feel like I am having sensory overload.
I know a lot of teenagers watch it and I just would hope that these young girls know and understand CLEARLY-it is not okay for a husband to discuss abortions and blood tests with a wife. Ugghhhh. So frustrated with that storyline.
I don’t mind the crazy triangle that is Stevie, Joseline and Mimi or the other one of Scrappy (even though his lingo irritates me), Erica and Shay.
I can even deal with K. Michelle’s random made up songs, but what I am not here for is Frost’s blatant disrespect of the covenant of marriage and playing his wife like a two bit you know what!!!
What are your thoughts about it?!?!?


Say what???

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