Gear Grinding

This is such a random crazy post, but here are a few things that are grinding my gears at #26 weeks.

1. I feel like because of my small frame people do not think I am tired and exhausted. Guess what folks, I am growing a human too; just like the moose back girl who gets more sympathy because she is super swollen.
2. Another small frame gear grinder- “OMG, you will probably have to have a c-section because you are so small.” Interestingly, my DOCTOR has said nothing about this. Now if this were me pregnant in college back when I was a size 0 then who knows, but I am a solid sturdy size 4.
3. “When are you due?” “August.” “OMG, you are going to be so miserable being pregnant in the summer.” Ummmm-so apparently I am moving out of my air conditioned home, not driving my air conditioned truck and rolling around in forest preserves or maybe Tahiti until the baby arrives (in an air conditioned hospital).
4. “When are you due?” “August 21.” “OMG, that is my cousin’s best friend’s b-day!!!” Like I really give a hoot. No one in either family is born that day and other than that -well besides Samantha from SATC, Count Basie, oooh and Kenny Rogers- I am not that interested.
5. The weight gain question. This probably grinds my gears theeeeee most. People are so infatuated with the lack of extra poof and fluff on my body. I am beyond ecstatic. Less to lose and my 4 closets full of clothes will still be my friends after the baby 😉 Most people will flat out ask, “Is your Dr. concerned?” Hmmm, let me think if he is (which he is not) and I share that with you, will you pay my co-pay? No. Ok. Well then find you some business. And while you are at it figure out how I have a 6 month old human kickin’ it inside of me and your belly looks the fool.
That is all for now. Just needed to release that energy.
Being fab regardless of the weirdos. xoxo


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