Glucose Test

Okay so this apparently is a super major thing during pregnancy. It determines if the Mommy to Be has gestational diabetes and has to deal with Insulin and whatnot.
The test is given typically between 25-28 weeks.
I took my test during week 26. I have read on various forums that the drink is gross and to drink it quickly. I did not eat that morning, per the info of the technician, and was starving!!!
I brought three glossies with me, made sure my phone was charged and prepared for the worst.
All in all, the drink wasn’t that bad. Ok it was freaking gross. I will not tell a lie!!! It tasted like a melted orange freeze pop mixed with that cheap Faygo pop, a flat one at that and some dumb fool put in the refrigerator. My goal was to get it down and make sure it stayed there. At first my sweet lil baby got excited like it was OJ-then soon realized it was a crappy imposter and went back to sleep or retreated in a sad corner at the lackluster flavor.
I flipped through my glossies, wrote some blog posts, looked at my cuticles and prestooooooo-my hour was finito!
Yayyy-ummm -not so much.
So -I text the hubby that I was stopping at the store. Instead of stopping at the store I went home because I was all kinds of thrown off. I felt like I had vertigo or me and the baby teleported back to like week 9/10-when pregnancy life was the PITS.
My husband asked if I needed anything and I just wanted to sit down. Could this orange drink be Snow White’s apple or something? And who really wants to puke up orange crap???
I felt like a mess the entire day. He went to work and I was a bump on a log. I had intentions on cooking tacos and ended up ordering pizza with the great hope of grease destroying and being stronger than whatever the dizzying, nauseating force that was taking over my body.
I fell asleep by 7:30.
At my Dr’s appt the next morning I found out I passed. Thanks God because there is NO WAY I would ever want to feel like that again.
After speaking to friends and family it seems the orange drink is worse than the clear one and the ickyness is one of those ‘par for the course’ pregnancy things. How many days left???LOL
Fab today, but not the day of that blasted test!! xoxo


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