In one word- AWESOMENESS.
We actually call them Weekends of Love (okay that is what I call them)
It gives us time to get away, reconnect, not do housework or in this case now baby stuff.
We get to hang, pig out, have mini adventures and the like.
We try to have one every few months and we even did them before the wedding. Our last one was Feb. for hubby’s bday weekend. And boy was I sick the entire weekend.
It is cool staying in a hotel 2-3 days, not cleaning, lounging, vegging out.
-Find a hotel you love and join their rewards program. We stay at Hyatt because we banked loads of points due to having our wedding there.
-Be loose with plans. Hard for me to say since I plan everything, but no need for a rigid agenda.
-Electronics–our rule is: if we are not doing something together. So dinner-NO. But one of us sleeping then yep feel free.
-Get cute!!! Cute PJs, cute outfits for dinner, etc. Treat it like a real vacay. Sweats are a no no in our house (I wear Hello Kitty pants and Victoria’s Secret yoga pants)
-Talk, laugh, play and ENJOY. Keep it fab!!!


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